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How to Make Money from PUBG Live Stream on Facebook

PUBG live stream
PUBG live stream

Two things you need to know about PUBG live stream is that it isn’t just about inviting people to watch you play and that it is a bona fide system to make money online. For your information, Twitch is among the most commonly used and popular social networks where you can monetize your PUBG live streaming, but Facebook is quickly emerging as the more rewarding platform to do so. The problem with live streaming monetization is that a majority of players are unaware of the immense potential it holds. Don’t worry, we are here to tell you all those tips and tricks that can help you make money through PUBG live streaming.

Can You Make Money From Live Streaming?

Yes, indeed you can!

Do you know that live streaming has evolved into over 13 billion industry globally? A large chunk of this revenue comes from live streaming services such as Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, League of Legends, etc., are raking in incredibly high numbers of streaming hours. As per Streamlabs, a reputable streaming software provider, in 2018 PUBG was live-streamed for over 3 million hours. That’s a pretty exorbitant figure; and mobile game streaming numbers were even higher. So, why not monetize your PUBG Live Stream and make some bucks while playing?

How to Monetize PUBG Live Stream on Facebook?

If you are an ardent gamer and a PUBG enthusiast, you might already be aware of the fact that Facebook has a dedicated gaming video hub called Facebook Gaming nested within the main website and mobile app. It can be accessed via the shortened URL- Fb.gg.

So, what does Facebook Gaming do?

Facebook Gaming was developed to aggregate prerecorded and live gaming videos through its social media platform but later on live streaming service was included in it via Facebook Live tool. Now the tool is out of its experimental stage and had expanded extensively. Hence, it has become a thriving platform for PUBG gamers looking to monetize from Facebook.

How to Start?

If you are already familiar with Twitch and how to monetize your live stream through this platform, using Facebook Gaming for the same purpose won’t be an issue for you. Just like Twitch, you can monetize your gameplay stream in different ways. However, the difference is that where Twitch comes with an affiliate scheme comprising of bits, subs, and more, Facebook has introduced a Level Up Program.

To apply for Facebook Live’s Level Up Program, you need to meet pre-set criteria, which includes:

  • You should be above 18-years of age
  • Your Facebook page must have at least 100 Followers
  • You have been active for 14 consecutive days
  • You have streamed content for at least 4 hours in 14 days period
  • You streamed for two consecutive days in those 14 days

If you meet the criteria, visit your Creator Dashboard and quickly apply for the Level Up Program. However, keep in mind that this program is not available worldwide, and you must check out the list of approved regions before getting started.

How to Monetize from PUBG Live Stream on Facebook?

As soon as you join the Level Up Program, you can monetize your PUBG Live Stream. Here’s what you need to know about the Facebook Live tool environment, as it is quite different from other more common live-streaming platforms.

On Facebook Live Stream, there is a system of Facebook Stars, so, for every star you earn, Facebook pays you USD 0.01. To get paid, you must earn at least 100 USD, which you can earn after collecting 10,000 stars. Apart from Stars, your viewers can also send you virtual/animated gifts with varying Star values instead of giving you one star each time. 

Different Ways to Monetize from PUBG Live Stream:

Here are some of the best ways you can make money quickly from Facebook.

Fans Donations and Tips:

A majority of live-streaming websites and platforms let players earn money through live streams by letting their viewers send tips or donations. This is usually done through integrated services or virtual currencies that are used for transactions. Facebook also offers tipping service that involves Stars, which viewers can buy and send you. So, you keep earning a cent per every Star you receive. Moreover, Facebook supports fundraising and charitable donations too, but this service is only open for US residents.

Viewer Payments:

Viewer payments can surely help you earn more than what you might through tips and donations. To make regular money from your PUBG live stream, you can use the Facebook Gaming subscription program. However, you must meet certain criteria to subscribe and become a member of the content creators’ team. Through this program, you will be creating content exclusively for your subscribers and your loyal viewers will help you earn some extra bucks.

Payments via Third-party Platforms

If you want to earn more, it is a good idea to try a variety of sources. Third-party platforms that Facebook supports can be used for processing subscriptions and donations. There are many such sources you can choose to monetize from. One of the best options is Streamlabs. It is ideal for one-time donations, can be integrated fairly easily with Facebook, Twitch, and even YouTube, and supports multiple payment options.

Ads Revenues:

Why not utilize advertisements for funding your PUBG Live stream when ad revenues are already powering almost half of the internet including Facebook? You can easily do that. Just join the Facebook Live tool as it offers mid-roll ads. But, you have to meet its viewership number requirements to qualify for advertising money from Facebook’s mid-roll ads.

What about Facebook Gaming App?

The Gaming App further increases your chances of earning from Facebook via PUBG Live Stream. Facebook Gaming app is designed especially to help avid gamers and streamers explore content, connect with fellow gamers from around the world, and earn a decent income too. You can start streaming directly from the app, interact with other streamers and Facebook groups, comment on streams, and broadcast mobile gameplay conveniently. The more you stream, the higher will be the number of Stars you earn and you will keep earning regularly. However, the app is currently available on Android only so iOS users might have to wait for a while.

Final Thoughts:

The internet is a thriving platform where options for earning are virtually endless. All you need to do is to start your PUBG live stream today on. One word of advice though is to only rely on ethical methods of earning because you may never know how devastating the consequences of straying may be.

How Much You can Earn from Blogging in Pakistan?

Earn From Blogging in Pakistan
Earn From Blogging in Pakistan

Blogging is amongst the fastest growing professions in the world. In Pakistan, it is an attractive career option for people (especially youngsters and students) as they get to showcase their talent/skills to the world and earn money online. It is such a unique profession that can be started independently and with dedicated efforts you can earn a handsome income within a short period. If you want to earn from blogging in Pakistan, this is your perfect guide to understand what it takes to become a high-earning blogger.

What is Blogging?

Blogging refers to writing about a specific topic of personal or public interest to share your thoughts using any online communication medium. To earn from blogging in Pakistan, remember that blog content shouldn’t be textual only; you need to make your blog attention-grabbing for your visitors, which involves using a variety of audio-visual tools of communication.

Scope of Blogging in Pakistan:

Although blogging has been around since the 90s, right when the internet was launched, in Pakistan, it strengthened its ground after Google launched the AdSense program in 2003. It was created primarily to help website owners make money online by placing Google sponsored Ads and getting paid per click. Within a year every publisher and blogger wanted to create a blog to incorporate AdSense and the true potential of blogging was realized.

Today, the blogosphere has expanded considerably and from affiliate marketing to health care, and home services to technology, you can find hundreds of local blogs on almost every possible niche. Initially, a majority of bloggers in Pakistan were young males between 21-25 years of age but today anyone can start a blog regardless of age or gender. In the past two decades, Pakistan has produced many internationally acclaimed bloggers and for dedicated bloggers, the scope to earn from blogging in Pakistan has broadened tremendously.

How Much You Can Earn from Blogging in Pakistan?

There is no pre-set range for monthly earnings as it depends upon several factors. In Pakistan, the highest-earning blogger is Muhammad Mustafa of MyBloggertricks.com who makes $5000 to $10,000 per month while the second-highest earner Propakistani.pk’s Amir Atta makes $4000 to $8000 a month. So, that’s the most you can earn from blogging in a month as per current statistics.

However, reaching the pinnacle of success in blogging requires you to be a relentlessly vigilant, creative, and persistent blogger. Otherwise, you may not make more than $100 even in a year. Earning through blogging relies mostly on the quality and quantity of content. If your blog has 10,000 words you can start earning a few hundred dollars within the first few months. Your income will increase sufficiently after crossing the 50,000 words mark and after 100,000 words’ benchmark you will be earning well above $500 a month.

How to Monetize Your Blog in Pakistan?

Traffic to your blog will increase sufficiently once you hit the 100,000 words target. Usually bloggers reaching this stage start earning a decent income. However, you can increase your monthly earnings by monetizing your blog. This can be done through affiliate marketing, promotion of in-house services, integrating sponsored content, and advertising.

Two of the most profitable ways to earn from blogging in Pakistan are in-house services and affiliate marketing (AM). AM involves sending your website’s traffic to someone else’s website for buying their products/services. In Pakistan, you can collaborate with affiliate stores of Amazon, Ali Express, ClickBank, and Daraz. Similarly, in-house services can be promoted to increase your income.

Pro Tips to Grow your Audience in Pakistan:

Here are a few tips that can help you grow your audience considerably.

  • Your domain name and blog title must feature the word Pakistan
  • Keep your audience updated about latest events and incidents in Pakistan
  • Never include offensive or disgustful comments in your articles
  • Write about general issues of public interest
  • Build your credentials by creating an attractive About Me page
  • Express your love for the country and your understanding of Pakistani culture and customs through your posts
  • Follow other bloggers and famous Pakistani public figures on Twitter and regularly tweet about your blogs

Final Thoughts

If you want to earn from blogging in Pakistan, do remember that there is no overnight success formula. You have to start from zero and slowly build your reputation that may take a few months to up to a year. The key is to be patient and look for innovative ways to grow your audience and increase traffic. Lastly, watch out for the newest ways to monetize your blog and you will surely become part of the league of highest earning bloggers one day.

How Much Can You Earn from YouTube in Pakistan

Earn from YouTube in Pakistan
Earn from YouTube in Pakistan

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. Not only has it made our lives a little more exciting and fun-filled with its versatile content, but it offers people an excellent opportunity to earn from home. Just like the rest of YouTubers around the world, you too can earn from YouTube in Pakistan simply by uploading videos and attracting traffic to your channel. But, is it all as easy and straightforward as it sounds to be? Let’s find out…..

How do You earn from YouTube in Pakistan?

Do you know that Pakistani YouTubers are earning around $2,500 per month? That’s over 4 lac rupees in Pakistani currency. Imagine yourself earning this much amount every month, you will be making much more than a lot of your colleagues do for sure.

But, how do you get paid on YouTube?

Regardless of your channel’s niche, YouTube pays between $0.3 and $4 per 1000 views on your videos. You start earning soon after your YouTube channel crosses the benchmark of 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours.

Once you achieve this threshold, you will become eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your channel. If you haven’t violated YouTube’s community guidelines, your application will be approved and within two weeks your channel will be verified. As soon as this is done, you start earning in dollars.

How Much Do you Get Paid on YouTube?

Understanding how YouTube determines your earnings is a little trickier than you might have thought. Actually, you don’t get paid on YouTube simply by posting your videos and getting people to watch them, but through including ads in your videos.

Instead, a YouTuber’s earnings are determined according to the Cost Per Impression or CPI rate of the video, which is the rate an advertiser agrees to pay the content creator when an ad is viewed 1000 times. YouTube’s algorithms calculate your pay by evaluating ad impressions, viewers’ ages, country, and other metrics.

A key factor that determines how much you get paid is your viewers’ worth. This means, a viewer from the USA will worth at least ten times more than a Pakistani viewer. So, when at least one thousand viewers from USA watch an ad that’s part of your video, your CPI increases tremendously and if most of the viewers are from Pakistan, the CPI rate will be low. Generally, YouTubers in Pakistan can make $1 to $2 per 1,000 views on their videos.

Factors Influencing your Earnings on YouTube:

Several factors impact how much you earn from YouTube in Pakistan. These include:

Your Niche:

Your niche largely determines your scope of earning on YouTube. Such as, if you have a religious channel, you may only make $0.10 to $0.4 per 1,000 views. That’s quite low. On the other hand, if your channel is related to technology or business niche, YouTube will be paying you at least $1 to $3 per 1,000 views.

Your Traffic:

What’s the source of your traffic on YouTube? If the majority of the traffic is from Google or YouTube search, you have hit the jackpot because YouTube pays more to channels attracting traffic from search engines. Conversely, traffic from social media will not give you good results.

Your Viewers:

The country from where you attract most viewership also plays a central role in determining your earnings. For example, if you get 500,000 views from Pakistan you will be receiving no more than 10,000 rupees. However, you can earn around 35,000 rupees on the same video from just 5,000 views if they come from Australia, America, the Middle East, or Europe because CMP rates are the highest in these regions.

Your Ads:

There are, basically, three types of ads that you can play in your videos- the TrueView or skippable ads, the non-skippable ads, and bumper ads, which are the more tolerable versions of non-skippable ads. Out of these, the skippable ads can yield higher income for your channel in Pakistan.

Your Content:

If you post high quality, attention-grabbing, and innovative content in a widely understood medium of language, you will be a star on YouTube because on this platform content is the king. If your content is not impressive enough, you may not even get to play any ads as your channel won’t be as attractive to the advertisers. Furthermore, try to never get involved in an act of copyright violation as YouTube has strict penalties in place for the wrongdoers.

How to Earn More from YouTube?

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you earn more from YouTube.

  • Make videos that people will most likely search for (for instance make a video on Coronavirus pandemic as people will be interested in searching about it).
  • Make interesting and informative videos so that people watch them till the end
  • Create engaging and thought-provoking content so that people are forced to comment and hit Like.
  • Encourage people to subscribe to your channel
  • Name your videos strategically to create interest among viewers
  • Add tags and descriptions properly to ensure your videos get indexed and appear in search results

A Piece of Advice:

Never stop making videos even if you find it difficult to earn from YouTube in Pakistan. Remember, it takes time to build a channel on YouTube especially nowadays when the competition is extremely tough. Keep making videos and try to market your content innovatively across a wide range of platforms.

How to Monetize Your Facebook Page with Instant Articles Facebook

Instant Articles Facebook
Instant Articles Facebook

Do you want to monetize your Facebook page without much ado? Have you tried the trendy new option of Instant Articles Facebook? If you haven’t so far, now is the right time to do so.

Instant Articles are probably the coolest new strategy in the digital ecosystem that guarantee Instant Results and helps you maintain a competitive edge in your respective niche. It is the perfect remedy to ensure unrelenting dominance in an era marked by the smartphone boom without even worrying about recreating content.

 But, what are instant articles Facebook and how can you monetize your Facebook page with them?

The following is a comprehensive guide on Facebook’s very productive instant articles program and how you can use it to monetize your Facebook page.

1.0 What is Instant Articles Facebook?

Facebook Instant Articles is a relatively new feature from Facebook. Released in 2015, it is quite similar to Google’s AMP articles. Instant articles refer to faster loading pages and superior display quality offering an amazing reading experience.

Technically, Instant Articles are HTML documents having super-fast loading speeds (at least 10x faster) than normal articles on the social network. In layman’s terms these are simply mobile-optimized articles that load at an exponentially fast speed.

It is a fact that no matter how well we have optimized our blogs or websites, the excessive time an article takes to load on mobile devices kills all our efforts. But, with instant articles, this won’t be an issue.

Through mobile-optimized instant articles, marketers can tell rich stories in a fully customizable format and benefit from Facebook’s utterly thriving publishing platform by directly publishing it. This means users can read the full article just like they would do on a website without leaving the Facebook app.

1.1 How Instant Articles Help you Monetize Your Facebook Page?

The main reason a majority of marketers, bloggers, and brands turn to Facebook or any online social media platform is to make money from their content. And, what better way to do so than Instant Articles Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social networking platform with the biggest user-base across the world, which makes it the best platform to use for monetizing purposes. You can earn more from your Facebook page through instant articles because not only your users will be able to spend more time on your Facebook page but you can place ads within the articles via Facebook Audience Network.

              1.1.1 What is Facebook Audience Network?

Usually publishers and brands use Facebook to drive traffic to their websites or blogs and monetize the traffic via ad-placement platforms like CPA, Adsense, and/or CPM Networks. However, with Facebook Audience Network (FAN), Facebook has expanded the audience’s scope to display its ads with instant articles.

Through instant articles publishers can optimize articles to be displayed right after a user clicks on them while with FAN, they can sell ads within these articles. This is Facebook’s programmatic ad network that runs across Facebook ads to encourage targeted campaigns. Hence, publishers get to keep 100% of the generated revenue.

For your information, FAN pays publishers an eCPM rate that is determined according to their geographical location and the traffic volume. However, one thing is assured that the rate will be higher than any other CPM network.

To further enhance the user experience, ads displayed within Instant Articles will load faster, which is an added plus. Although currently FAN is in its infancy stage but is quickly growing, and pretty soon it will take over all CPMs.

1.2 What are the Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook developed instant articles primarily to enhance users’ reading experience on mobile devices by directly letting them read on Facebook feed while loading them with super-fast speeds. But, that’s a benefit for the reader…. what’s in it for the publisher?

Instant articles offer publishers a wide range of benefits that ultimately translate into revenues. Let’s have a look at the many different ways instant articles help publishers ensure maximum user retention and revenues.

1.2.1 Superior user experience

Instant articles load your content with blazing fast speed, which allows you to post dynamic content such as videos or images and ensure a more immersive experience for your users. This amazing new format of publishing content allows you to combine text with multimedia content to paint a more vivid picture of your services/products/ideas while guaranteeing your visitors maximum reading convenience.

1.2.2 Extensive Range of Publishing Tools

Apart from encouraging a definite boost in loading speed, FB instant articles come with a suite of very dynamic publishing tools to further enhance the users’ reading experience. Using these specialized tools you can add custom images, layouts, or typographic elements for a variety of publication sections to match the content with the web version.

For instance, you can give a tilt-to-pan effect to your photos, which works wonderfully on single images and even slideshows. However, please note that this t will be most effective on mobile devices having larger screens.

1.2.3 Directly Publish Content from any CMS

Another great advantage of instant articles is that you can directly publish content from your website regardless of which content management system (CMS) you are using. Whether your website runs on WordPress, Drupal, or another CMS, all you have to do is connect the already posted content to Facebook through RSS feed. This way all your posts will appear on your website and Facebook page concurrently as soon as you hit publish.

There’s more! You can update or edit the content in real-time and every change will be reflected in the article automatically. This is where you get an edge with FB in comparison to regular cached pages as far as efficiency and speed are concerned.

1.2.4 Fully Control and Customize Content

A unique aspect of Instant Articles Facebook is that you can control the look and feel of your story in a much better way than before. Moreover, you can customize the content as per your ideas and preferences to match it with your brand.

For instance, any type of non-paragraph text such as photo galleries, videos, and/or blockquotes can be fully customized to emphasize portions where you want the readers to focus more. Since almost all of the elements are controlled directly through Facebook, you must mandatorily create a Facebook page to publish FB instant articles.

1.2.5 Track Browsing Data and Analytics

Every publisher would want to know how much of the content is being consumed, after all, this is the main reason why we create content. With Instant Articles Facebook, it is possible to track readership analytics, page activity, and engagement data. Your page’s feed content is ranked based on the time spent reading the article and the number of users clicking or reading your story.

1.3 How to Create Instant Articles Facebook?

Creating instant articles on Facebook is a very easy process. All you have to do is follow these 6 steps and start earning from your Facebook page.

1.3.1 Step 1: Sign up

You can only benefit from FB instant articles when you have a Facebook page with Editor or Admin rights and you have signed up with the FB Instant Articles program. So, understandably the first step to monetize your Facebook page is to sign up. Visit instantarticles.fb.com to join.

1.3.2 Step 2: Select Your Facebook Page

Once you have signed up, you will have to choose which Facebook page of yours you would like to activate for instant articles. This is specifically relevant for individuals having multiple FB pages.

1.3.3. Step 3: Claiming your URL

After selecting the FB page, you need to provide the URL that you will be using for your articles. This URL will be your blog URL and the base URL for all your posts. To provide a URL, you need to claim it. This can be done by adding a meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag and adding the URL to your settings.

1.3.4 Step 4: Creating articles

The best thing about FB Instant Articles is that you can directly publish your content to Facebook from your CMS. This means, there’s no need to recreate content for FB.

But, how can you publish content directly from your CMS?

There are three options available for syncing your post with FB instant articles.

  • RSS feed
  • Third-party Publishing tools
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Instant Articles API Syncing with WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress CMS consider yourself lucky because WordPress plugin for Facebook Instant Articles makes it easier and quicker for you to get started. This plugin will streamline the process of content posting on FB and is most likely the best way to set up and start monetizing your FB page with instant articles. Publishing tools

Facebook has collaborated with several publishing platforms to ensure seamless integration of content with instant articles. Some of the tools that Facebook allows you to integrate your content with include Atavist, Drupal, Medium, RebelMouse, Perk Distributed, ShareThis, Steller, Sovrn, and Tempest. RSS feed

If you don’t use WordPress or any other kind of CMS that Facebook Publishing supports, even then you can connect your content to instant articles program via an RSS feed. It can seamlessly integrate with FB and automatically syndicate every new post on FB instant articles whenever you publish it.

To enable publishing content via RSS feed, you need to configure your CMS to generate a new RSS feed containing the full content of each of your published article in Instant Articles markup. For this, you may need the help of a pro developer to format the feed. Remember that each article must have these three elements:

  • The article’s title- < title >
  • The article’s original URL – < link >
  • The article’s full content in HTML – < content >

After linking your URL to the RSS feed, just notify FB regarding the RSS feed you wish to use to distribute your content as instant articles. Instant Articles API

Through the Instant Articles API, you not only can publish but also update, edit, and delete instant articles directly from your FB page or CMS. Furthermore, you can receive alerts and errors via your CMS as soon as these are detected. This is the best alternative to connecting your content via RSS feed.

1.3.5 Step 5: Customize articles styling

Facebook offers the option of customizing the styling of your content at the setup stage. Such as, you can upload a logo and select your desired font that you want to use throughout your articles. However, currently, font choices are limited to Georgia and Helvetica Neue font groups.

How to find the Style Editor?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Publishing Tools on your FB page
  • Click on Instant Articles
  • Click on Configuration

1.3.6 Step 6: Submit Your Feed for review

If you have completed the first five steps, it is time to submit your feed to Facebook for review. FB will verify all the articles that your website generates and check if these are formatted appropriately. Currently, FB reviews and responds to all submissions it receives within 24 to 48 hours.

However, you need to have a minimum of ten articles ready to be shown on your feed. If you already have a batch of ten articles or more ready for review, click on Submit for Review.  In case FB finds errors in your postings, you will be asked to resubmit after removing them. Once approved, you can start publishing your content on your FB page.

1.4 Final Thoughts

One of the most significant elements that impact the visits, engagement, and conversion rates on your mobile-optimized website is speed, and the metrics eventually impact your revenues.

Have you ever noticed why the pages of big brands load in less than a second? Because they cannot compromise on the speed!

Those who ignore this aspect offer their users slow loading pages, which impact their competitiveness. Hence, optimizing your page appropriately to deliver content quickly is an important consideration if you want to stay relevant in your respective niche.

In this regard, Instant Articles Facebook is an amazing option as it helps bloggers, brands, publishers, and just about anyone who wants to monetize from their Facebook page in loading their content at 10x faster speed than most websites. Moreover, it offers an extensive range of mobile-friendly features to help you ensure that your readers get a rich and interactive experience as they do on other mobile apps. While with the built-in monetization options you can twofold revenues quickly.

In short, FB instant articles offer a hassle-free way to deliver a superior mobile experience to your customers and significantly increase content consumption.

List Of Highest Earning Bloggers in the World

highest earning bloggers
highest earning bloggers

The 21st century completely transformed the way we live, from communication to ways of earning, everything has changed. Back in the 90s, blogging was regarded as just a hobby but fast-forwarded to the 2000s, and it became one of the most profitable professions. Bloggers are now as much desired by brands and marketing agencies as are celebrities and sportsmen. Interestingly, almost all the highest earning bloggers in the world started blogging as a part-time activity but soon realized its true potential and made it their full-time occupation.

Check out the inspiring stories of some of the highest-earning bloggers in the world and who knows you might also get featured on a similar list someday.

Arriana Huffington

Blog- Huffington Post

Approximate Earning- $18m/month

No list of highest-earning bloggers will be complete without mentioning Arriana Huffington, the owner of Huffington Post (HP).  She created HP, a lifestyle and political news-based blog, in 2005 and is making a whopping $1 billion annually. HP is regarded as the world’s most successful blog ever, and readers love it, for it offers exclusive and verified stories about real life and real people. A major part of the blog’s earnings comes from banner advertising. Over the years, HP has become a reputable source of news from around the world and attracts around 131.7million visits per month.

Peter Rojas

Blog- Engadget

Approximate Earnings- $5.5m/month

Engadget is Weblogs, Inc. blog network’s largest blog, founded by the co-founder and former weblog editor of Gizmodo, Peter Rojas. It’s as if Rojas has some kind of a Midas touch as whichever blog he creates, it turns into a gold mine. After the astounding success of Gizmodo (that churns out a staggering $325,000/month), Rojas started Engadget in 2004, a multi-lingual tech blog covering gaming, tech, and entertainment niche along with exclusive reviews on consumer-electronics products and tech gear. Around the world, tech buffs turn to Engadget for the latest news on gaming and tech events. The blog’s earnings come from direct ads, and it attracts roughly 51m views per month.

Rand Fishkin- Moz

Blog- Moz

Approximate Earning- $3,740,000/month

Rand Fishkin’s Moz (formerly SEOmoz) has become the most influential blog in the SEO community. The Seattle-based web design entrepreneur started blogging back in 1998. It took Fishkin a while to make businesses realize the need to earn customers rather than buying them. He managed to strike gold by timely identifying the growing importance and relevance of organic searching in the information age. Discovering the transformational role of SEO, Fishkin came up with innovative ways to help people drive traffic across different search engines. Through his informative marketing articles, Fishkin has helped many websites and bloggers increase the performance and visibility of their sites. That’s why today, Moz attracts around 6m visits per month.

Michael Arrington – Techcrunch

Blog- Techcrunch

Approximate Earning- $2.5m/month

Arrington is regarded in the tech fraternity as the “prophet of Silicon Valley.” His blog Techcrunch covers technology and science-related news, profiles of startup companies, reviews on the latest gadgets, and everything related to the tech world. It is regarded as a one-stop destination for tech news as it covers the widest range of topics from the newest apps to mobile phones and startups. Techcrunch has helped Arrington become one of the most influential and highest-earning bloggers in the world by garnering around 28.9m visits monthly.

Brian Clark – CopyBlogger

Blog- CopyBlogger

Approximate Earning- Earning: $1m/month

Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger is dubbed by Venturebeat as the “bible of content marketing.” Clark started it in 2006 with just $2,000 in hand, and currently, he is counted among the world’s highest-earning bloggers. CopyBlogger has been helping businesses stay relevant by creating killer web content instead of settling for bland text just to fill up pages. He believes that content is the backbone of a company’s digital footprints. Clark’s understanding of content marketing is simply matchless, using which he enables companies to drive traffic, attract an audience, and grow business quickly. The blog attracts around 766.7k monthly visits.

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr – Perez Hilton

Blog- Perez Hilton

Approximate Earning- $575,000/month

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr., aka Perez Hilton, is an American gossip columnist and blogger. He started the controversial gossip blog Perez Hilton and soon became the talk of tinsel town. Mario is literally dreaded by celebrities for making their scandals public. In fact, Fergie stated that the unidentified person she referred to in her song Pedestal (2006) for posting negative remarks about her was Perez Hilton. Because of the unfiltered gossip about celebs that Perez Hilton regularly posts, his blog attracts around 6m monthly visits monthly, making him part of the coveted highest earning bloggers community. Formerly named PageSixSixSix.com, the blog’s major source of income is direct investment.

Vitaly Friedman – Smashing Magazine

Blog- Smashing Magazine

Approximate Earning- $215,000/month

Vitaly Friedman is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Smashing Magazine, a world-famous blog covering web design and development niche. Created in 2009, Smashing Magazine offers useful articles on web designing for both budding and established web designers and is regarded as the best among all design blogs. Friedman’s understanding of the niche is so extensive that he is regularly invited to tech conferences and top-flight workshops to inspire others with his achievements and knowledge. The blog attracts 4.1m visitors per month and given the astounding monthly income, no wonder Friedman was bound to be featured on this highest earning bloggers list. A major chunk of the blog’s income comes from advertising banners excluding affiliate revenues.

Pete Cashmore – Mashable

Blog- Mashable

Approximate Earning- $2m/month

Cashmore started Mashable in 2005, and today; it is the most influential site in the world for technology, culture, science, entertainment, and travel-related news. The blog covers an extensive array of topics, from social media to lifestyle and business to culture. Since it has something for everyone, Mashable’s target audience is utterly diverse, which is why it attracts 25.8m visits per month. Most of the blog’s income comes from different types of direct ads. Interestingly, Cashmore got the idea of Mashable when he was 19 and lying on his bed in Scotland. In less than a decade, he was one of the highest-earning bloggers in the world and the youngest millionaire blogger.

John Lee Dumas

Blog- Entrepreneurs on Fire

Approximate Earning- $266,408/month

Dumas’ Entrepreneurs on FIRE is a blog and podcast launched in 2012. It features interviews of business personalities on a daily basis. Most of the blog’s income comes from courses, webinars, and branded publications on how to start and run a business. According to Dumas, he started this blog-cum-podcast to help people Fire Up and stay motivated in their entrepreneurial journey by offering inspirational content and innovative new strategies. The blog has featured interviews of over 21,00 successful entrepreneurs so far.

Timothy Sykes

Blog- Timothy Sykes

Approximate Earning- $150,000/month

Timothy ‘Tim’ Sykes is a penny stock trader who turned to blog and Instagramming and quickly earned a spot on the highest-earning bloggers community. His primary mode of income is pay-per-click advertising, and through his blog, Tim teaches people how to successfully market penny stocks and exchange. Tim is most famous for earning $1.65m in a day through trading at 21-years of age when he was studying at Tulane University. Tim’s Instagram has over 1.2m followers, and he earns over $20m annually from his blog that features articles on finances, stocks, and investments. There is no doubt that he is a self-made millionaire.

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49 Unique YouTube Content Ideas to Start Your Channel

YouTube content ideas
YouTube content ideas

Unique, appealing, and engaging content are the basics of any YouTube channel. Picking up the wrong niche can have a long lasting impact and might force you to face some necessary challenges. However, the struggle and the problems can be avoided by picking the right idea for your YouTube channel. That is why we have compiled a list of 49 Unique YouTube Content Ideas to get you going.

Without wasting any time, let us get straight to the YouTube Content Ideas.

1. A Video With Interesting Challenge

You can make exciting and attractive videos on different challenges. You may use eating or cooking food as a challenge or any daring challenge with the help of which you can entertain your viewers.

2. Best Sports Players

Many people have posted different videos related to sports. You can add more by highlighting the best players in various games. What is necessary is to do proper research about the player’s life.

3. Response Video

When different people make different types of opinion or review videos, you can create a response video for their videos. And can present your thoughts on it with full entertainment for others. And this way, you can attract any viewers.

4. Opinion Video

You can make an opinion video to present your ideas or thoughts on any topic. It can be related to politics, sports, showbiz, or social issues of the country. But don’t forget to go to the current and latest topics.

5. Most Liked Music

You can make videos on your favorite songs for entertaining others. You have to stay updated about the new and latest songs. So that people can listen about different, attractive, and trendy songs.

6. Most Liked Movie

Want to tell others about your favorite movie? Yes, sure, you can do this easily. This way, people can know about you. Also, ask them to mention their favorite movies. This will make the comments section enjoyable.

7. Review about Media

An exciting idea for YouTube videos is to review something. It can be a movie, drama, song, or anything. People love hearing what others are saying. So, always give an honest review of the thing.

8. Haul Video

Are you a shopaholic? Then, the best type of videos for you is the haul videos. Just present whatever you shop with good quality explanation, including price, brand names, and the best store for it. But don’t lie about

9. Hilarious Video

The primary purpose of youtube videos is to get entertained. You can go to making funny and hilarious videos on youtube. Trust me, these videos will attract many people at a single time because everyone likes to watch funny videos.

10. Most Liked Sport

Want to engage with others with the help of your favorite sports? Yes, this is one of the unique Youtube Content Ideas. Making such videos will generate a variety of information, experiences, and thoughts about a particular sport.

11. Singing song

Do you think that you can sing well? If yes, then you can make videos on youtube. What you have to do is just to sing a song with correct lyrics and a clear voice. And share your recorded videos with everyone.

12. Presenting Your Collections

Are you fond of collecting things? If yes, then making videos of your collection is a good idea. Nothing is better than YouTube to show your collection. This way, you can provide much information and entertainment through your collection.

13. Video Showing Good Parody Skills

Do you have excellent parody skills? If yes, then you can use this skill to entertain others as well. Find something interesting on youtube. Then you can add more fun to the videos in the way you want to.

14. Introductory Video for Your Channel

An excellent idea to gain popularity, attraction, and attention of people on youtube is to make different videos. If you have a youtube channel, make an introductory video for it. Try covering all about your channel.

15. Sharing Your Precious Moments with Others

It is interesting knowing about other people. A unique idea for your videos can be based on showing your favorite or valuable things that are memorable. Use good pictures, and tell full stories and histories about your things.

16. Hometown Tour

You can gain a lot of attention from people by posting videos of your hometown. Try to add interesting stories, different people, and the history of the place, with beautifully captured pictures. And your video is ready to go viral.

17. Friends Day Out

People love watching friend’s videos on youtube because they make us feel happy. Just hang out with your friends and make a video of your whole day. These videos will surely gain much attraction on YouTube.

18. Review of Products

Product reviews are beneficial for everyone. You can make videos in which you are telling about the pros and cons of different products. Don’t forget to include the brand and price of the product for the ease of viewers.

19. Trending News about Games

You can share the latest tech news, which is one of the best from Youtube Content Ideas. For such videos, you have to stay active in the gaming industry. And with excellent composing and editing skills, post your videos.

20. Game Review

Many people are interested in playing different computer games. You can make review videos on different games. These will gain many views because people will surely watch these before buying the game.

21. Game Trivia

Many people are interested in knowing all about different games. So you can make videos about the history of a game, the best things present in it, and also describe all the levels of the game you are discussing.

22. Exploring History of Games

Certain people want to know each and everything about games. All you need is proper knowledge of sports. You also need some excellent research skills to make attractive videos.

23. Guide on Advanced Mechanics

If you have a proper interest in the gaming industry, you can present your skills in the form of videos for others. For the beginners, understanding the advanced mechanics of a game is difficult. So, make complete guide videos on it.

24. Game Comparisons

If you have good knowledge of different games, you can make engaging videos related to the gaming industry. You can also compare the different versions of a single game, e.g., temple run1 and temple run 2.

25. All about Game Developer

A game developer is a person of great wit and intelligence. It is always lovely and inspiring to hear their success stories. Look for an exciting game developer, search well, and your job is complete.

26. Delicious Cooking Recipies

If you are right in cooking and you can guide others about your recipe, go for making cooking videos. Use tasty, amazing, and attractive recipes so that people find something new and unique on youtube.

27. Comedy Skits of Games

It is always fun to add commentary to recoded gameplay. You can add funny parts together to make it more interesting. You can add a voiceover and make a nice skit out of it. Everyone likes these videos.

28. Video on Biography

Whenever someone feels low, they look for motivational videos on YouTube. If they’re able to relate with a successful man and his success journey, it always inspires them. And encourage them to work harder.

29. All about Music

The world is crazy about music, and no doubt, music is therapeutic and responsible for making or breaking your mood. Be that unbearable. Be consistent with your efforts and exhibit your love for music.

30. Reaction Videos for Gameplays

It is quite interesting and fun to edit your creativity in reaction videos. You can gain much popularity and attention by making these videos, especially from the ones who love playing games.

31. Authors or Writers

You have heard the names of different famous writers or authors. Many people want to know much more than only the names. So, research on these people. And provide detailed and correct information about their lives.

32. Favorite History Topics Discuss

History always helps you to get new ideas, to get inspiration, and to get a lesson. Choosing the right topic that you’re passionate about makes your work more manageable, and people enjoy and get inspiration from your videos.

33. In-depth Guide to Science

Science is intriguing for people belonging to all age groups. You can choose the topic of your choice and study it thoroughly. Most of the audience of such videos are students, and so you can customize your videos accordingly.

34. Habitats of Animals

Only some people talk about animals. So, discussing the habitats of animals is a unique topic. These videos will be beneficial for those who are in the animal care department or are interested in learning about animals.

35. Animal’s Care Guide

If you have the right information about animal care, you can easily share it with others. Make youtube videos that contain guides and tips for taking better care of the animals. These will include health, food, and daily routine of the animals.

36. How to Manage Time

A good topic for your youtube videos can be time management. Many people find it hard to manage time properly. So, they use the internet for the solution. You can get a lot of viewers by making time management videos.

37. Trending News on Technology

If you have good knowledge about technical products, smartphones, latest gadgets, you should go to making different videos—aware everyone about the latest tech news and also clear various rumors going on in the present time.

38. Favorite technological Devices

Do you have a great interest in technology? If the answer is yes, then you should make videos on it. Try buying new and latest techs and research about all the specs. These will be useful for tech lovers.

39. Myth-Busting Video

You can make great videos on myth-busting. It is a great topic because people want to hear it frequently. Just keep in mind to protect yourself properly and provide the best videos to the viewers.

40. Different Climates

You can make videos on the climates of different regions of the world. Through these videos, people can get information regarding the weather of a particular place. This topic is one of the best Youtube Content Ideas.

41. Answers to Different Tech Questions

You can make great videos about the different and common questions that people have in minds about audio products. And also allow people to interact in the comments section to know about more questions.

42. Amazing Tricks

Search for different tricks on computers or smartphones. Share your information with others. These videos will be beneficial and exciting for others, and more viewers will get attracted to such unique videos.

43. All about Audio Technology

Audio technology is getting on updated day by day. You can make interesting videos with eye-catchy content on audio technology. So, you can make these videos and gain very much interested.

44. Destroying Your Computer

Everyone wants to know the adverse effects of harmful viruses on computers. So, if you’re going to gain the attention of others instantly, you can make videos by installing viruses on your useless computers.

45. Make A Watercooling Video

If you are interested in computer hardware, you must be aware of the water cooling processes for your computer. Present an accurate way that will help people in watercooling their computer accurately.

46. Guide for Installation Processes

Certain people want help in the installation processes of different things, so they consult the internet for this. You can make different videos based on installation processes and setting up guides.

47. Favorite Applications

If you have a good interest in the latest applications, programs, or any other thing, you can make different videos on this. Share various details and features of apps with others so that they can also know about it.

48. Presenting Speedrun

Speedruns are a quick playthrough of a game in which one reaches quickly at the ends of the game. These videos are very interesting and catchy for others because everyone is mysterious about the ending.

49. Self-introduction Video

Making videos about yourself is a unique thing found on youtube. This way, people can know about the life, habits, and activities of different and random people. It is undoubtedly a great way to let others know about you.


Hopefully, the YouTube Content Ideas present above will be clear enough to you. Don’t forget to put hard work, devotion, and time into any idea of your interest. All these things together will lead you towards the path of success in your mission. Don’t forget to comment and let us know about your ideas.

How To Start a Home Renovation Blog

Start Home Renovation Blog
Home Renovation Blog

Do you want to start a home renovation blog but do not know how to get started? Well, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re a professional at the home renovation business or you’re a person who loves to DIY and remodels their surroundings, starting a blog is always a great idea.
So here is what you need to get started:

Find Your Niche

There are thousands of home renovation blogs on the market, so what will make you stand out? Well, you need to narrow down and aim for a specific category that you are passionate about.
For example, if you have a thing for vintage decoration, you can focus your entire blog about revamping your house the vintage style; or you can aim for specific areas of your house like backyards and kitchens. You can provide renovation advice, furniture options, on-trend color palettes and even DIY guides to help people redesign their space.

Build Your Website

Getting your blog up and running might sound overwhelming to a person with no technical experience, but I am here to tell you that it is nothing to be scared of. Here are some steps to get started:

1.     Buy a Domain and a Hosting

In simple words, a domain is the name your website has and a host is the platform where all your posts are stored. Bluehost is a great recommendation for this purpose.

2.     Get a Blogging Platform

Blogging platforms like WordPress.org can help you design your website and manage your blog posts. There are loads of free templates out there that you can use and you can also use add-ons to customize your site. 

3.     Choose a Theme:

Pick a theme that is appealing and unique to you. You can change the entire layout and design of your blog according to how you want it to look. Just make sure to make it navigable, because no one likes a messy interface.

Promote Your Blog

You have made your blog and posted some amazing content. What’s next?  You need to drive traffic to your blog.

  • Use your social media platforms to spread the word.
  • Engage with other home renovation blogs and leave comments under their posts.
  • Use good SEO for a better presence on google search.

Post Constructive Content

Remodeling your home can be a pretty overwhelming and hectic task, so people are always looking for help online. From DIY hacks to professional building techniques, keep your content informative and exceptional. Start-to-finish remodeling projects including expressive visual content with instructions, pictures and videos can be helpful. Keep yourself updated about new trends and build an interactive relationship with your readers.

Stick to a Posting Schedule

In the beginning, you will need to post as much as you can to build up your content and to establish yourself as a reliable blogger. Being consistent and devoted is extremely important. Make a posting schedule that works for you and try to stick to it.

Tell Your Story

To be heard, you need to have a voice. Inspire people with your story and let them know how far you have come. Share with them your projects and little tips and hacks that you have learned from your experience. Showcase your renovations with good before and after pictures because what you put up is what people will see and eventually love. A good rapport with your audience will make them want to come back to your blog every time they need a renovation expert (yes, that’s you).
And voila, that’s it!
So, with a positive attitude and a professional approach, you can start a home renovation blog and even make a career out of it. It takes a lot of dedication but trust us, it is all worth it in the end.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure
Fear of failure

Confronting Disappointment is Normal – Yet Defeating It Heavily Depends On You

When so ever you step into accomplishing something extraordinary, you have dread of disappointment on the double. Fear of failure is an inward state. It is normal to have fear of failure in the excursion towards progress however its compulsory to beat the disappointment and proceed onward. We may confront disappointment, yet before succeeding we have to keep it in our brains that Its alright to fail yet It’s not alright to fall. Failure is brief however achievement is lasting.

Understand that Success is Outcome of Failure

Dread of failure is just a perspective. All the emotions, circumstances, hardships are impermanent. Every one of these things can be fixed yet before fearing disappointment we have to comprehend that the outcomes of your battles are more splendid than the obscurity of failure. You have the mental fortitude to confront disappointment, be predictable, discover inspiration, dispose of your imperfections and at last get your objective.

Don’t Lose Heart

We fear confronting failure since we begin losing heart subsequent to losing a few times. More often than not we begin believing that our idea isn’t right. Do we try to pursue the objective in our first attempt? Its inaccurate methodology towards progress. All the effective individuals have faced failure however we focus on their prosperity. World sees what you have accomplished, not your hardships. In this way, we ought to be reasonable for having fear of failure.

Fizzle, come up short and fail and be prepared to rise once again.

Learn Out of Failure

In the event that you are extremely enthusiastic for your objective, be prepared to face failure. We should keep our boldness so high that we are eager to invite disappointment, become familiar with our slip-ups and rise again with more greatness. Along these lines of learning out of failure is best type of realizing which isn’t instructed in educational plans.

Analyze Yourself and Be Ready to Sacrifice

Ask to yourself that for what good reason would you say you have fear of failure? Is it because of monetary issues? On the off chance that the appropriate response is true, we have to comprehend that we are happy to forfeit everything for accomplishing our objective. When we will get our objectives, every one of these scars of disappointments and hardships will evaporate and be disappeared by our success. Sacrifice all you have for your objective.

Have Strong Nerves to Face Challenges

It is very uncommon to face a challenge that for all time scars you. In any case, risks are that failure has significantly less results than you are suspecting it has. The results of fear are less and a person can undoubtedly confront it by having solid nerves. The enthusiasm of accomplishing our objective is the thing which makes our nerves solid. Higher the enthusiasm, more grounded the nerves.

Remember! Fear is Meaningless in Front of Your Aim.

There are numerous feelings of dread making progress toward progress however on the off chance that we don’t understand that how might we arrive at our goal. How could you have fear of failing when falling is so significant for progress? In the event that you truly have target getting something extraordinary, you should have mental fortitude to fall and rise once more. While having extraordinary thoughts the fear loses its significance in light of the fact that our thoughts mean a great deal to us.

Adhere to Your Objective

Successful persons have confronted failure yet they remained adhere to their objectives and accomplished. At the point when you have something exceptional to get, you are as of now ten stages above of 95% of world. If there is 1% possibility of achieving your objective, recall you despite everything have 1% splendid. You are not the only one in world. There were numerous other people who have accomplished the objectives with more hardships. They likewise faced fear and failure yet they stayed reliable and picked up what they needed. Its fine to face failure multiple times however you will get your ideal outcome in the tenth exertion just if there should arise an occurrence of your predictable effort.

Fear is Distraction, Don’t Follow It

The challenge which you take is endless. It is taking you to that where you are not today. Dread of disappointment is minor interruption. Mix-ups must be made for learning in most ideal manner. Continue revealing to you one thing that you are battling on the grounds that you need to be more prominent than the individual you are today. You should pick it today, either to confront disappointment and fall or rise again for getting achievement. ­­­­­­­

How to Monetize Facebook Group

How to monetize facebook group
how to monetize facebook group

To a lot of people, Facebook is just a place to have fun, see posts in groups, and pages do comment, and that’s it. But there is another side of Facebook for many people. That gives people with minds in marketing an opportunity to make money from it. We are going to tell you about how to monetize Facebook group. You can start earning if you are an admin of a Facebook group that has a decent number of members, let us just say more than 5000 members for a start.

How can you monetize it and make money from it? The answer is quite simple. We know that Facebook has no monetization policies for groups, yet you can make a decent amount of money from it. Moreover, all of this is legal by Facebook’s side, and a lot of Facebook group owners are making a decent amount of profits from their Facebook groups. So how can you monetize?

Here are a few ways that you can be used to monetize your group:

E-Commerce: Sell you Products

If you are a company that sells some sort of products, then it is easier to find new customers in your group. You can use your Facebook group as a place to freely market and sell your products online. Facebook now has an option to create e-commerce related groups under the banner of the “Buy and Sell” group. In this group, you can also let other people sell their products and charge commission from their sales. These types of groups are a great place for an advertisement for Shopify store owners in specific.

Paid Promotions: Promotion of Products and Services

You can use your group as a platform for paid promotions. You can charge companies and other people for promoting their products on your page. This is a very popular way of monetizing your Facebook group. Companies and individuals pay you when you do their product or service promotion. It is the same as social media marketing, but in this case, you are using your own group instead of any paid platform. So, when these companies or individuals generate leads from your group, you get paid for promoting or letting them promote in your group. This is the basic way of how to monetize the Facebook group.

Affiliate Marketing: CPA/CPL Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you promote the links of a product from a CPA (Cost Per Action) or CPL (Cost Per Lead) platforms in your group. This is one of the most used and one of the most effective methods. As every group is grown related to a single niche, that means you have a specific type of audience. So, you can choose a specific CPA/CPL product link that matches your group’s niche, and then promote it for free in your group. In this way, you will generate very target specific leads and you will make more money than you ever imagined. Facebook also has some policies over the promotion of an affiliate link, but you can learn different ways how to legitimately apply this method to your group to make more profits from your affiliate link.

Membership Fee: Charge For subscription/Membership

Most of the Facebook groups are free to join but creators and celebrities and many professionals have groups that are not for free to join. Users pay 0.99 to 10.00 dollars for a monthly subscription. This type of monetization can be applied to groups that offer a specific type of service or exclusive content, or something that is not for free. We have seen many mentors and tutors using Facebook groups for the purpose of monetization and they earn a living through these subscriptions. So, if you think you can offer any such service that people will pay for, then create a specific group offer your services and you will be able to earn using these subscriptions. This is one of the hot ways how to monetize Facebook group.

Web Traffic: Drive Traffic to your Website

You can drive your group’s traffic to your website and then you can monetize the content of your website. You can publish the content that your audience might want to read and then publish the link in your group. So, the people will check the post and will visit your website. You can also send the traffic to other people’s websites and then charge them for that traffic. Many people in different groups have been using this way to generate a lot of traffic for their websites and they have been making huge sums of money using this simple technique. As your group has traffic that is related to some niche, this niche driven traffic will prove very important for the growth of the website in the SEO and will help the website build a huge number of social backlinks.


In the article above, we have seen that it is possible to monetize the Facebook group and discussed how to monetize the Facebook groups (Even though Facebook does not have any policies about Facebook group monetization). So, by applying these few methods, you can turn your passion into your dream job. We will suggest that at the start, you should just keep your focus on growing your group to a huge number of people. And then you can follow any of above mentioned tips to make profits.

11 Proven Tips to Get More Orders on Fiverr

Get more orders on Fiverr

Fiverr is undoubtedly an excellent platform for beginners who want to be a successful freelancer. But unluckily, most of the people do not understand the algorithms of this platform and lack. In this article, we’ll be discussing 11 magical tips to get more orders and increase your sales on Fiverr that actually work!

If you follow the tips mentioned below, you can significantly increase your orders on Fiverr. So fasten your seat belts and grab some snacks because this guide might be a bit detailed 😉

How to Get More Orders on Fiverr?

These tips can help you get more orders on Fiverr.

  1. Use Original Profile Picture
  2. Optimize Profile Description
  3. Use SEO Gig Title
  4. Design Eye-Catchy Thumbnails
  5. Send Buyer Requests Daily
  6. Be Online Most of the Time
  7. Make Use of ‘You’ Based Proposals
  8. Set One-Day Delivery Time
  9. $5 Magic Trick
  10. Broaden Your Network to Social Media
  11. Use Mixed Tags

Let’s discuss each of them in detail to know more.

Use Original Profile Picture

Why is it so important that we have put it on the top of the list?

There are two obvious reasons for it.

Firstly, Fiverr doesn’t allow you to change profile pictures frequently, so you have to be cautious and should only use your own profile picture to present yourself as an indigenous individual.

Secondly, people are more likely to talk and give their work to those who present themselves as an original identity. It builds strong trust and a sense of belief. Most of the buyers are looking for an individual who can understand their problem and address them rather than a company that is more focused on increasing its revenue.

What Should You Avoid?

Avoid using fake profile pictures because Fiverr reserves the right to ask for your identity verification and it could create a problematic situation for you.

Optimize Profile Description

As a beginner, it would not be a good idea to stuff many skills even if you are good at it. Buyers are looking for a professional seller who can take on their tasks and deliver quality work to them.

To show that you’re professionally linked with one skill, try to talk about your one best skill and tell about how you can offer value to your customers.

Keep it short and simple to get more orders on Fiverr!

What Should You Avoid?

Don’t overuse the keywords and avoid using wordy phrases (unreadable and long sentences).

Use SEO Gig Title

Did you use the “SEO title” feature when making gigs on Fiverr? If not, now is the right time.

Research useful keywords before adding them to your Gig title, and make use of your copywriting skills to attract potential buyers.

Additional Tip: Don’t copy the exact titles of other gigs. It can easily get you banned for a lifetime! Beware…

What Should You Avoid?

It is not recommended to change the title once you’ve published your Gig. Because it won’t change the URL of your gig. However, you can still play around with your tags and descriptions later.

Design Eye-Catchy Thumbnails

Your thumbnails are the very first impression with which you can win against your competitors. Once your gig starts ranking, the only thing that can bring the audience to your gig is your thumbnail.

The use of bright and shiny colors will attract the sight of the buyers. If you make them click on your gig, your thumbnail has successfully done its work. Canva is a great platform to design your Gig thumbnails.

What Should You Avoid?

Don’t use brand logos like ‘Grammarly’ ‘Facebook’ or ‘Instagram.’ Fiverr doesn’t allow that and penalizes the gigs that do so.

Send Buyer Requests Daily

Try to make use of all the ten available offers in the Buyer requests section. Sending buyer requests daily increases not only the chance of getting more jobs directly but also increases your Gig views and clicks. It really helps as one of the ranking factors.

Fiverr gives you ten buyer requests every day, which is more than any other freelance platform gives for free. If used wisely, buyer requests alone can give you a handsome amount of revenue.

Don’t forget to add your portfolio link in your offer!

What Should You Avoid?

Consider applying only on those requests that you are confident to complete. Most of the buyers don’t spare anyone who mess up with their work and they punish them with one star rating. It is better to have no rating on your profile instead of a bad rating.

Be Online Most of the Time

To get more orders on Fiverr, make yourself available to your customers 24/7. You should be accessible at the time when actually most of the European and North American countries are at work.

Fiverr’s algorithm will push you up as much as you are online. Also, considering the fact that most of the buyers like to search for online sellers, you have better chances to up your rankings being online on Fiverr.

It is the most underrated tip that people don’t put attention on it can surely get you more orders on Fiverr.

What Should You Avoid?

If the buyer sends a message in your private message box. Don’t expect him to wait for your response as he may already be contacting a few more persons. Reply to him at your earliest.

Using ‘You’ Based Proposal

How would you feel if someone keeps talking about himself rather than addressing your problem? That is what puts buyers in an uncomfortable situation.

Buyers are more likely to work with someone who actually identifies their problem and puts forward a solution for it. If you add your related past experiences in your proposal, then the chances of getting the job will substantially increase. 

Use ‘You’ and ‘Your’ words as much as you can.

What Should You Avoid?

Avoid writing a very long proposal. If you don’t know that, let us tell you that on Fiverr, buyer only sees first two to three lines of your offer so you have to make an impact in that space.

Set One-Day Delivery

Unless it is extremely necessary, never set your delivery time to more than one day in your basic package. Fiverr’s algorithm prioritizes the gigs that deliver fast and quality work.

It might put you in a hurry and a difficult situation. But since we are competing with thousands of other freelancers, we will have to think out of the box. You will have to offer something that others aren’t doing, Right?

What Should You Avoid?

If you offer a service that can’t be delivered in one day., then this tip is not for you. Instead, you can set your own personal delivery time that suits you.

$5 Magic Trick

As the name implies, the gigs were used to be only $5 on Fiverr. With the passage of time, there has to be a need for a more variable price range.

But why are we talking about that here?

There is still a filter in gig search results (if you have noticed) that allows a buyer to search only for $5 gigs. And many people are interested in this option because it gets their job done at a low price.

Even though you are offering less work, people will notice your $5 gig price tag. Just a psychological diversion, isn’t it?

What Should You Avoid?

Don’t underrate your service and avoid overdoing the work just for $5. There are thousands of freelancers who started selling services at standard rates of the marketplace.

Broaden Your Network to Social Media

It is not a good idea to rely initially only on Fiverr’s search engine to get orders. You’ll have to find some other ways to drive traffic to your gigs.

Facebook is a great platform for reaching out to some real clients who prefer to connect with freelancers through Facebook only. There are thousands of freelance jobs posted on Facebook every day on which you can apply and bring your customers to a freelance platform like Fiverr.

Pro tip: Linkedin is another professional platform specifically designed for employers and employees. Many agencies/companies are looking for freelancers there too.

What Should You Avoid?

Promoting yourself and your services don’t mean spamming. Try to avoid spamming your gig URL everywhere. It might be fruitful for the short term but will hurt your reputation in the long run.

Use Mixed Tags

Don’t just think that each tag is a keyword itself. You can even play with the combination of keywords that could help you increase your Fiverr gig rank in the search results.

For example, if you are using ‘ios developer’ and ‘android developer’ as two different tags. It is better to use ‘ios developer’ and ‘android development.’ You’ll be able to gain even better impressions will eventually get more orders on Fiverr.

What Should You Avoid?

Keyword stuffing is never an ethical way to promote your content. Try to be neutral and use mixed keywords that relate to your service.

Final Words

These are the tips that people have shared from their personal experiences and it actually worked for them to get more orders on Fiverr.

If you think you have something useful to share, we would love to hear that in the comment box below.