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What Is Freelancing? – The Definitive Freelancing Guide

what is freelancing
what is freelancing

Everybody is asking nowadays same question. What is freelancing and how to become a freelancer? We heard you and here to answer all of your questions related to the topic. Freelancing is a career where you can work from anywhere for one client or many at the same time.

The international job market is changing – the old employer-employee relationship has been substituted for contractual or freelance agreements. In fact, 20% of jobs in America are held by contractual workers.

The younger generation of employees still struggling in their 9-5 jobs have aspirations to start their own business one day, but they’re scared to take a leap of faith. They’re afraid that they’re not going to earn as much from their new business, losing any job security they managed to accumulate in their current 9-5 job.

In other words, they cannot live without the security of a 9-5 job. Those doing freelance work know that they’d not have it any other way than to be their own boss – the owner, director, and financial manager of their business.

This is because they’ve usually developed a different mindset compared to those who work an ordinary job. They’ve learnt through experience that freelancing as a career can more profitable and more secure than being employed at a regular desk job for a company. But what is freelancing?

What is Freelancing and Who’s A Freelancer?

Freelancers offer their independent services to companies or other individuals on a contractual basis for a fee. Instead of being recruited into a company and working from the office, you can work with many different clients simultaneously, using your skills, education and experience.

What Freelancing Involves

There are a few things you should know when answering providing these services without committing to a single employer – taking on different assignments for different clients. The options are limitless, as you can take on as many different jobs as you want, given that you can deliver the needful on time for each of your clients. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to prolong the working relationships with certain clients, with ongoing contracts.

When you’re answering the question, what is freelancing, you should know that it’s a quick and affordable way for you to start earning from home. You’re cashing in on exiting skill-sets while developing new skills in your free time. Freelancers are self-employed, mostly working from home, using an internet connection, corresponding with clients via email or phone (similar to telecommuting).

What Freelancing Doesn’t Always Mean

While freelancing jobs (gigs) usually involve jobs where you have the flexibility to work from home, it’s not quite the same as a work-from-home job.

  • You don’t always get to work from home – some gigs may involve going to your client’s office, depending on your client’s requirements and the kind of work you chose to do freelance
  • Work-from home jobs include a contract with a single employer where you are given a salary for your services provided to just that employer.

The reason many people confuse freelancing with work-from-home jobs is that many freelancing gigs involve sending work via the internet. That is, they don’t require physical presence at the client’s office, and all correspondence is done via phone or email.

A Fair Warning For Freelancers Just Starting Out

When you’re pondering over what is freelancing you must realize it won’t come easy. Freelancing involves hard, sometimes smart work on your part – work might be slow at first and you won’t get paid as much in the beginning, a major reason being that no one knows who you are.

To get recognized in the freelancing world, first you need to create a portfolio of your work with clients and get testimonials from them, showing potential clients how capable you are. This can take some time – from a few months to even a year – which means you need to be as patient and as organized as you can.

It’s Like Starting Your Own Business

It’s like starting you own business, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you have a 9-5 job that you’re more than happy with, don’t quit cold turkey. Taking on freelancing as a side hustle isn’t free from commitment, it comes with its own set of responsibilities requiring your time and dedication.

If you’re prepared to develop a resilient mindset, communicate well, and consistently manage your time and resources, opt for freelancing. If you’re consistent and patient with freelancing, one thing is for certain – the payoff will be massive. In fact, according to ZipRecruiter, in 2019, the average freelance writer took home an annual salary of $63,488, while the average hourly rate for freelance writers was $31/hour.

It’s important to highlight here that freelancing does give you greater independence over your job, among other benefits. That said, it does take time to build your freelance reputation and income. That said, work may be irregular so you may have a lot of projects coming in or none at all, making income unstable, at times.

Additionally, new freelancers are not paid as much as established ones so there’s that. When you do start getting many clients at once, it’s crucial to be spot on with your communication, time and resource management.

The next section details what people find most appealing about freelance careers.

The Appeal Of Freelancing As A Career

There are a number of reasons why people find freelancing as a career to be lucrative and fulfilling. They have the freedom and flexibility to work from home, free from the confines of the office and ensuing politics. There’s greater control in making decisions about the clients you want to work with, plus you’re on your own time.

You don’t need to work overtime and not get paid for it and given that you’re patient and consistent, you can grow your income and build a reputation for yourself. Working for yourself gives you greater confidence to perform and learn, dealing directly with clients, motivated by the potential for growth. Many freelancers also find the confidence to form their own companies to provide their own services with a group of like-minded individuals working for them.

 You’re Quick With Decision-Making

When working a 9-5, you’re usually confined by the decisions of your managers and supervisors, who are in turn confined by theirs and so on, until the C-suite. This slows down decision making to a large extent.

Business research, growth and advancement opportunities are lost to extensive discussions between business stakeholders in board rooms of large organizations. Quick decision-making comes from freelancers, because they’re not afraid to give their input in projects. If they see an opportunity for growth in their client’s project, they confer with their teammates and reach for the opportunity.

Experienced entrepreneurs and freelancers have an appetite for risk and have seen the consequences of things not turning out the way they expected. But they don’t have regrets not speaking up and going for their decisions at the right time.

They take every missed or failed opportunity as an experience, learning from their mistakes. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t – they leave it at that and move on in search of new opportunities.

Earning Money Doing What They Love And Diversifying Skillsets

Not only do you earn money by freelancing, but you’re highly motivated to learn and acquire new skills that will help you take on more projects. People working 9-5 jobs have a very limited scope of work – and if they don’t enjoy what they’re doing, it can cause them to physically burn out.

Freelancing provides these individuals with a way to pursue their interests while earning money. Freelancers are physically and, at times, emotionally invested in their work because they love what they do.

For instance, if someone has a love for social media or digital marketing, content writing, HR, finance or web/graphic designing, doing freelance work in these fields instead of a 9-5 will allow them to fulfill their passions by pursuing their fields of interest on their own terms, not others.

Freelancers earn money by freelancing but they also keep themselves updated with the necessary skills required in their industry and read up on what’s trending in their industry to add value to their communication with clients. It’s challenging, but fun at the same time.

Keep Learning to Keep Earning

Freelancers can also diversify their field by acquiring new skills from online platforms, learning at their own pace. For instance, if a freelance content writer also enjoys making music, they can expand their service offering by learning music production and guitar classes online while completing their content writing projects.

To expand their content marketing horizons, they can take social media and digital marketing courses online, learning about SEO, digital marketing best practices, and how to gather a following on different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

There’s another very interesting reason why freelancers can afford to do this.

Freelancers Have Time

If you ask anyone in the 9-5 daily grind, they’ll almost always say they’re busy. While it’s not much different for freelancers when they take on a lot of projects at the same time, they still do have time to learn new skills and put their projects on hold.

Time is an invaluable asset that freelancers have, especially when a lot of projects are not coming in. Instead of wasting their time scrolling through social media or watching TV, freelancers have the freedom and time to pursue their hobbies, catch up with family, brush up and build on their new skills, read self-help books, take a vacation and more, thanks to the freedom and time they have.

Since many freelancers don’t even take up projects based on contracts, they also have the option to back out of a project if they feel like their input isn’t being valued or if they find something that pays better or is more fulfilling.

Learn What’s Useful, From Home

Since many freelancing gigs require you to work remotely, you can work from home without going physically to an office. You can stay at home, tend to the garden, create a relaxed atmosphere to work, and still earn money through freelancing to provide for your family.

That doesn’t mean it’s free from hard and smart work, you still have deadlines, project deliverables, briefs and guidelines to follow and more.

Since you’re working with a number of clients from different fields, you can also learn the skills necessary to diversify into other fields for instance digital marketing, web or graphic design.

How To Become A Freelancer?

Whether it’s to earn money by freelancing on the side or choosing it as a full-time career, you must be prepared. Here are the steps for getting started with becoming a freelancer.

Step 1 Is It For You

As mentioned earlier, freelancing isn’t free of pros and cons – you need to have the mindset of being your own boss by being disciplined and very organized. There are no paid leaves when you work for yourself on a schedule.

You need to manage different projects simultaneously while maintaining your work routine. If you’re working already, don’t quit until you develop a client base to sustain your freelancing career in the long run. Steady work and safe income is necessary developing and scaling up your freelance business.

Step 2 Decide On A Platform

You need to choose a platform like Upwork, Toptal, 99designs, hiremotely or Fiverr, where there are a lot of potential clients looking for quality work. Set up a profile for freelance work on these platforms in addition to LinkedIn and social media – combining these sources increase your chances of finding freelance gigs/jobs.

You should connect and reach out to clients after completely filling out your profile to present yourself in the best light. Some freelancing platforms also protect freelance workers’ rights.

Choose the platform that you believe will satisfy your salary expectations and needs in the future, once you develop your client base and portfolio. Don’t choose platforms where low quality work is encouraged – freelancers on these low-quality platforms provide subpar quality work and clients can’t find the quality they’re after.

Step 3 Profile Building

Many platforms have a predesigned template for creating your profile, but don’t fill it out just for the sake of filling out your profile. Take the time out to create something substantial.

Your profile should ideally tell clients about your educational background and the skills you’ve garnered over the years. Don’t forget to mention your expertise and skills that you feel most comfortable with.

Keep it brief, listing any supporting evidence such as awards, special achievements, and why clients should select you. It’

It’s basically your sales pitch.

Step 4 Your Portfolio

Your portfolio helps determine your success as a freelancer – it’s proof that’s necessary to instill trust in clients that you’re up to the task being assigned. Your profile should have a portfolio of work to showcase your skills.

If you’re a beginner to the game, you might have to work at discounted rates to create your portfolio first, or upload sample works to help clients decide whether to work with you or not. It’s a necessary trade-off to gain experience – nothing worth doing comes easy.

Step 5 Pricing

Your skills and experience give you the freedom and leverage to decide what prices to charge – if you’re new and have a limited portfolio, you may have to settle for lower prices.

Don’t settle for peanuts however, because you’re doing yourself and the clients a disservice – lower prices will serve as a demotivator instead of motivation to create high quality work. It also sets a precedence in the minds of the consumer, devaluing the whole ecosystem of the platform, freelancers and clients.

If you see full-time freelancing as a career, work towards covering your monthly expenses with the projects you get, no matter your experience. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Step 6: Finding The Work

First apply to the jobs you’re confident you can do easily and in time – don’t waste clients’ time and your own with projects you’re not comfortable with. Remember, it’ a game of reputation, so don’t risk it with risky jobs.

Remember to ask clients for a positive feedback after completing a job successfully for them – this helps build your portfolio.

When looking for clients it’s important to have a cover letter to convince clients why they should hire you – highlight important skills and experiences for proof. Some platforms also reward your performance as top-freelancers with lower fees, badges, awards, and access to specialized jobs.

You can also reach out to clients on Facebook and linked in groups for work and ask them for positive recommendations once you complete their projects successfully.

Earn Money By Freelancing – The Essential Skills And Tools Required

Now that you know ow to become a freelancer, technical skills like coding, designing, writing or developing will only get you so far – you need to have soft skills like communication, management, listening, negotiation, social media marketing, selling, and more to be successful as a freelancer. These skills overlap with those of successful entrepreneurs.

Here are the skills and some of the tools needed for becoming an accomplished freelancer.


This is a necessity when it comes to business, entrepreneurship or freelancing as a career. You may be an exceptional designer or developer but if you can’t communicate effectively with clients, the entire design and development process becomes slow and tedious.

You need to ask the client the right questions and find out about their business, what their current situation and requirements are, and what they’re hoping to accomplish out of the project. Effectively listening to clients is important for this.

Asking the right questions at the right time ensures that you and the client are on the same frequency. Clients may not have the same background as you, so make sure you leave jargon and difficult terms out of your discussions, and make sure they understand what you’re saying.

Lastly, maintain a professional image in your communications, avoiding slang and being courteous with them. Regularly ask for feedback regarding the work you’ve completed; even if you get negative feedback and criticism, acknowledge it politely and ask where you can improve. Whatever you do, don’t lose your cool.

Time Management

Remember, there’s no one looking over your shoulder – you’re your own boss, so manage your time and work efficiently. Have a plan and a clear direction of where you want to be by the end of the day, and stick to it. Get your priorities in order when it comes to projects – do the most urgent things first. Creating a to-do list helps.

If you’re working from home, even the slightest things may serve as distractions – emails, to text messages, calls, social media, your dog or cat, the birds chirping outside, your guitar or your gaming console. Find out what your most immediate and noteworthy distractions, and put them away. You’re on your own time and it’s valuable.

You should also keep tabs on your time through apps like Toggl, RescueTime and Google Calendar to be spot on with your time and the stuff you need to get done fast. If you’re writing freelance, the pomodoro technique is very effective and keeps you from getting burnt out quickly, when you write content without breaks.

Project Management

This is one of the most important skills because of the way freelancing is, by definition. You’re constantly juggling between projects and they’re at different stages of completion. Your entire reputation rests on how well you meet deadlines and the quality of work that you deliver.

Luckily, there are apps and websites like Asana, ProofHub, and Trello that help you keep track of your individual projects on different stages of completion so that you don’t miss a project deadline again and can monitor the progress of your team collaborators if you are managing one as a freelancer.

You’re in far greater control when you automate your project management with these apps and get timely reminders to keep you on track.


This doesn’t come naturally to everyone but it’s important to earn money by freelancing. One of the greatest hurdles faced by freelancers is spending too much time trying to convince clients instead of being able to secure the work quickly.

You need to prepare and present a proposal to clients that meets their needs following an effective process to close the deal quickly.


SEO, Social Media And Email Marketing

These add-on services can create an augmented offering for your clients to help you secure long lasting and profitable relationships. If you know how to do SEO, social media and email marketing, you can maintain clients’ blogs for better SEO, email lists, and social media accounts. When they get better business, you get paid.

Speaking of add-on services, the free-time that you do get when you start out has to be utilized in skill building. Luckily there are thousands of online courses on platforms such as Skillshare and Udemy that allow you to develop new skills and brush up on new ones – you can even find courses where you can learn what is freelancing and master the art.

You’ve got the tools, you can learn the skills, there’s quite a bit of appeal – start freelancing now.

10 Proven Ways to Make Money on Twitter

Make money on twitter

There are numerous ways to make money online using social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Twitter presents more opportunities than others to provide a complete platform, where professionals can build their link and present their products and services to a larger audience online. You can create an account with a business name with a profitable niche and can make money on twitter. Another option is to amass a large number of followers in that niche or can share your business account link and interesting content from around the web. 

So how can you make money with Twitter? It is the same way you do on a blog: Sponsored links, selling, advertising, and affiliate marketing. Here are a few tips that can guide you to make money on Twitter. All it takes to some creative thinking and the desire to make money.

1. Sell products and services.

In today’s world, technology is everything to promote a business. People buy things online only if they can see a call-to-action. Use advertisements, promotions, and discounts to spur spending. This can be the most effective strategies is to use to increase your business sales. Basic marketing practices on Twitter can provide success in daily deals. Post amazing discount offers on twitter from time to time but not overwhelm your Twitter feed. 

2. Do Crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is the marketing strategy for years, particularly in case of social media. It is the process of pleading with ideas and contributions from a large group or community. This is a perfect solution in tandem with something like entrepreneurs.

It is an effective way to bring in assistance from your all followers to fund your business or idea. It can make you plenty of money, and you only need to do it perfectly. 

3. Introduce your own Twitter-related service.

As your audience is on Twitter and you know what they’re using in their free time. You can take advantage of this by introducing your own product that they will want.

Such as, Twitter users like to use apps that let them generate popular hashtags automatically. Apps like this exist already, but you can develop and offer a better product that your followers will love you for. You can also get professional services from the Fiverr to build your Twitter presence. 

4. Use Sponsored Tweets

Do you know you can charge new and experienced businesses for your Tweets? If you have a long list of followers and people are really engage with your posts. You can use sponsored tweets and offer other businesses to pay you to Tweet about their products and services for a fee you can charge regularly. 

5. You can hold a Twitter contest

Free prizes are the best idea to engage a large number of people. If you can, try to link up with local businesses that are need of promotion and publicity. You can collaborate with them and offer to hold a contest with Twitter. Then paid a percentage of the sales that come in.

There are a variety of ideas to have fun and ways to make a contest entertaining for followers. As, you can ask them to judges, crowdsource their own ideas and simply ask them to favorite or re-tweet something. 

6. Discover new leads

Twitter is a fantastic search engine tool, and you can seek out potential customers based on their search patterns and what they’re tweeting regularly. 

As if you are selling women accessories, you can find new leads by searching for terms like the latest women fashion accessories. Then you can Tweet to the individuals and let them know of a promotion you’re doing on women accessories. You could even offer those discounts and coupon codes if they’re interested in buying online. 

7. Ad.ly

Ad.ly is similar to My Likes, another ad service that allows you to send out advertisements in your tweets. Here you cannot get paid-per-click, but you can create a profile of your interests. Then the advertisers can choose your account to start a promotional campaign. You agree to them to post a specific number of tweets according to their schedule, and you get paid a lump sum amount.

8. My Likes

One of the famous advertisement platforms is my likes, where you can post your ads with twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and your own blog. You have the chance to choose ads from thousands of advertisers. You can also schedule the time of the advertisement according to the time zone of your followers. Then tweet from your account as scheduled. This platform allows earning up to $0.42 per click, and you will get a payout weekly.

9. Twittad

Twittad claims to be the first sponsored-tweet networks, and it is able to set your own cost-per-click. You make a bid for the advertisers, and they accept it. You identify your niche to match with the advertiser’s products and then once accepted, promote their products on Twitter. When you earn up to $ 30, payment is made via PayPal. 

10. Rev Twt

Another famous Twitter base advertising program is Rev Twt. It is a pay-per-click platform, and when more followers, you have you earn a high amount. Once you get a higher reputation, then you will have higher-paying campaigns. Their payout is made via Paypal when you have up to $20 in earnings in your account. 

Final Words

There are hundreds of other ways to make money from your Twitter account, as selling banner ads on your profile page, selling direct sponsored tweets, setting your own rates, charging to send a personal message to your followers, and charging for access to your private list of followers. These methods can also help you make money through pay-per-click advertising campaigns, that are especially lucrative if you have a large number of followers. 

How to Earn Money by Freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing in Pakistan (Online Earning))

Freelancing in Pakistan is the most emerging trend among the people. Everybody wants to earn money most easily and comfortably.

The whole world is moving towards the concept of “remote working,” and the time is very near when Freelancing will become one of the most popular types of jobs among the people.

In this guide, I will show not only the importance of a freelancing career in Pakistan but will also guide thoroughly about how you can start freelancing from your home and earn money now!

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is another name of self-employment. As a freelancer, you get paid for a specific project when you complete it.

If you’re about to start freelancing in Pakistan or thinking of starting it, then the best idea would be doing it as a part-time job. Once you are capable enough to fulfill your bread and butter needs from freelancing jobs, you can quit your daily life job and select freelancing as a full-time career.

There is a general misconception about freelancing that you can only work online as a freelancer, but there are some ways through which you can excel as a successful freelancer offline as well. We will discuss that in detail.

Freelancing in Pakistan – Is it the Best Option?

The current ranking of Pakistan in freelancing is 4th in the world at the moment, and it is expected to increase in the future.

With the increase in the unemployment ratio because of big companies and industries laying off their full-time workers and employees, people are moving towards self-employment options. Therefore, freelancing is the most suitable option in Pakistan at the moment as it doesn’t require a big investment of money and resources.

All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and will work. That’s it!

It is as easy as it sounds. You just need to learn proper skills and sell them on different marketplaces and platforms.

Now the questions arise, what skills are in-demand in Pakistan? What kind of jobs are available for you as a Pakistani if you’re trying to get freelance work.

Best Freelancing Jobs in Pakistan

There is a lot of potential for you as a freelancer to grow and make your presence as an online and offline brand if you pursue it as a full-time career.

Following are the most in-demand skills that you can learn at the expense of time and can shine as a bright freelancer in Pakistan and earn money for yourself.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. WordPress Website Development
  4. Content Writing
  5. Graphic Designing
  6. Teaching
  7. Mobile App Development
  8. Data Entry
  9. Internet Research
  10. Virtual Assistant
  11. Video Editing
  12. Lead Generation

There are many more skills that you can explore on different freelancing platforms, but I believe as a professional freelancer, the skills mentioned above are the most fruitful and highest paying freelance skills in Pakistan.

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan?

Let’s move on to some basics first.

Freelancing requires a lot more patience than any other job. So firstly, I would recommend not to rush towards your first job and don’t lose hope by seeing others not getting successful. Every individual has its capability and field of expertise.

Here are the steps that will help you a lot in getting your first freelance job in Pakistan if you follow them in sequence.

1.      Learn a Proper Skill

Learning a proper skill and mastering it is the most fundamental thing that you need to do in the beginning. You can explore many proven techniques of See what others are offering and try to seek help from Facebook and YouTube channels that are providing freelancing education for free.

Consider yourself competing with the giants of the industry. You won’t survive longer in comparison to them if you aren’t offering the same level of skill set as they are. 

Every business individual is looking for the best man to complete his project in minimum time. If you mess up the task because you do not know how to do it, it will cause a bad reputation for you and will hurt for a long time.

2.      Build a Portfolio

Most of the Pakistanis ask this question, “How can I have a portfolio without getting the first job?”

“Working on yourself” is the answer.

Whatever your skill is, you’ll have to work a bit for yourself in order to build a decent portfolio. Trust me, I am not asking you to work for free, but it is the best investment that you can do on yourself. If you’re a content writer, write a few blog posts or website content for your friends or even for your website. If you’re a digital marketer, build a Facebook or Instagram page and start working on it.

3.      Build Network

You can build your network and make contacts through social media easily. There are a lot of people working as full-time freelancers or agencies. And they are continuously looking for new freelancers in Pakistan to outsource their work.

Building Contacts through Online Networking

With the help of social media, you can easily land on your first job without even making a profile on any marketplace. Social media has the power of connecting people from all around the world for free, and you can avail it too.

Join groups that are actually linked to your skill and field of expertise. Make friends with related people that could be potential customers. Try to upload your work regularly on social media so people may know what you’re offering and may call you when they need it.

Building Contacts through Offline Networking

In Pakistan, we often ignore the importance of branding ourselves in the local community. As a freelancer, you can distribute business cards too for letting other people know about your work. I’ve seen a lot of people getting freelance work from their local community.

4.      Making Freelance Platforms Profiles

Moving on to the next step, it would be best to jump on any freelancing platform that can help you reach out to your potential customers easily. For example, Upwork, Fiverr,  Freelancer, and more. We will discuss each of them later in detail.

5.      Improve Business Communication Skills

Here comes the most important step as I would recommend focusing the most on it.

English is the medium of communication all over the world, and most of the work requires English as a primary language to work on. Be it a content writing job or a digital marketing project, you must know how to convey your message accurately and deliver your thoughts effectively in minimum words. Remember that business communication is the key to land on your first job!

Top Websites to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

As a Pakistani resident, you can work at your ease with your clients from all over the world on these freelancing platforms. Whether you are sitting in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or any other city of Pakistan, you can easily access all of your payments and orders with the help of these best freelancing sites in Pakistan.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. People Per Hour
  5. Guru
  6. 99designs


Fiverr freelancing in pakistan

Pakistan is the fastest growing country in terms of freelancers, and we can witness it on Fiverr. It is the best freelancing platform for beginners if you want to start freelancing in Pakistan. Its interface is easy to use and less complicated than other online freelance marketplaces.

You will have to make “Gigs” (Service pages) on your profile, optimize them with the right keywords that explain your skill and expertise in the field. Buyers will come to these “Gigs” and order your services right away!

Check out our Guide to get more orders on Fiverr.



If you know how to bid on a project, have a decent portfolio and business communication skills. Believe me; nobody can stop you from becoming a successful freelancer on this website.

It is an Australian-based freelance website with traffic flux from all around the world. Watch out for some fake projects posted by your fellow freelancers! You only have limited bids…



Upwork is the most professional freelancing platform that you can ever imagine. I would personally not recommend it if you’re a beginner, but once you know all the basics of freelancing, there is no better freelancing website than Upwork!

There is a list of successful freelancers from Pakistan that are working and have earned thousands of dollars on Upwork.

People Per Hour

people per hour

Initially, People Per Hour was for the UK based freelancers only, and that is why you will see more UK clients than in other countries.

It works similarly to Fiverr and Upwork, meaning that you can bid on the projects as well as post your services too. As a beginner, it is an excellent marketplace to grow but a little more complicated than Fiverr.



Guru was used to be the second-best freelance marketplace, and a lot of Pakistanis worked there. However, in recent times, people have shifted to Fiverr and other websites due to ease of working. Guru is still a decent marketplace to get freelance marketplaces.

Guru.com gives you free eight bids per month, and they are enough to win your first project if you use them effectively.


99 designs freelancing in pakistan

99designs is for freelancers who are interested in Graphic Designing. More than 1 million graphic designers are offering their freelance graphic designing services in different categories such as logo design, poster design, banner design, and much more.

If you want to pursue a Graphic designing career as a freelancer in Pakistan, 99designs is the marketplace to go!

Final Thoughts

Freelancing in Pakistan is not a piece of cake, honestly. It requires effort, but once you do smart working along with the effort. Your hard work will pay off.

If you want to learn more about the best freelancing platforms and other freelancing tips, visit our other freelancing guides. Good Luck with your freelancing career in Pakistan!

How To Get Custom URL for YouTube Channel in 2020

Custom URL for YouTube

Did you know this that you can change your YouTube URL and customize it the way you want? Customization of your YouTube URL is the chance to build your brand and get more views on your YouTube channel. It is the most effective way to get your channel verified on YouTube. Now you can get a custom URL for YouTube channel as we have made it easy by explaining the procedure in simple steps.

Following are the simple eight-step to get your YouTube custom URL

You Can Change it Only Once. Choose a URL Wisely

You only have one chance to change your YouTube URL, and it is an excellent chance for your brand to grow because it will give your followers a direct link to remember. Following are the steps that you need to follow to get your custom Youtube URL:

Meet Eligibility Requirements of the YouTube

First, follow the below-given eligibility requirements that you must meet before changing your YouTube custom URL.

  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Be at least 30 days old
  • Have an uploaded photo as a channel icon
  • Have uploaded channel art

If all the requirements mentioned above are met, then you can proceed to change your YouTube URL.

Get Your Custom URL for YouTube Channel

Sign in to Your YouTube Channel

You will get an email from the YouTube support team, or when you sign in to YouTube, you will get a notification in your advanced account settings section or your beta Studio dashboard. The same way as you first time entered your name and related information you can change your YouTube user name, and get a custom URL.

Go to Advanced Settings

After entering into the setting section, go to the advance setting section and click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your home page. A menu will appear. From there, click on Settings about two-thirds of the way down.

Click on the top left corner and select the setting button. And then move to the Advanced Settings button

Advance setting the section will take you to a different page. Then look to the left and the very last option on the menu to the left click on it.

Get a Custom URL Box

Then go to the Get a custom URL box, and you can see URLs and choose from the list of available URLs. You can see their variety of options for custom URLs that YouTube has already approved. YouTube can offer options based on your Youtube name, or according to the name of your linked website. You can add letters or numbers to make it unique. 

Click the box to agree to the Custom URL Terms of Use

After deciding your custom URL click on the below-given button to agree to the Custom URL Terms.

Click on change URL

After you choose your URL, now you can officially change it. So after clicking the box to agree to Custom URL Terms of Use, you will click Change URL. Always remember once you get a new URL and it is approved, it can never be tweaked later. So think twice before you go ahead with your final decision.

Click on Confirm Choice

If you agree with the new URL, and you are sure this is the custom URL for YouTube you want to get then click on the Confirm choice.

So, now you have your customized YouTube URL! If you go to your channel’s page, you can see the personalized version beautifying the top of the browser. This new URL not only can ties your brand nicely together, but also makes it easy for both loyal and new followers to find and remember your page.

What is a Blog? – Definition of Blog, Blogging, and Blogger

what is blog

Do you want to know what a blog is? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to explain what is a blog and all the terms related to the world of blogging. Decades earlier; a blog was more of a personal diary that people shared online. In their daily online journals, people talked about their everyday life, shared their problems and many other things to do. But, today, People do blogging to share relevant information on various topics in a new way. So, let’s discuss the important terms related to the world of blogging

Definition of Blog

According to the dictionary, a blog or a weblog is an online journal or informational website that publishes a variety of information on the contrary chronological order. On a blog, the latest posts appear first. It is also called a platform where a creative writer or even a group of creative writers can share their views on specific topics or many topics at the same time. 

Why Do People Write Blogs

People start writing a blog for various reasons, as for personal use or to share information with the outer world using online platforms. Some writer with their handful of strong knowledge does blogging about business, projects, or anything else that can bring you money. Bloggers have a very straightforward purpose only one that is to rank their website higher in Google SERPs and increase their visibility.

A business relies on the consumers so that they can keep buying products and services. The new business relies on blogging to help them and reach these consumers and grab their attention. To make your website visible, you need blogging. Running an active blog on your website can make it searchable and competitive.

Purpose of a Blog

The primary purpose of a blog is to connect a creative writer’s information to the relevant audience and resultantly boost your website traffic and send quality leads to your website.

The more regular and better your blog posts are, the higher the chances for your website to get ranked on Google. It can instantly connect you to the target audience. So a blog can be an effective lead generation tool, and it can convert your website traffic into high-quality leads. Blogs can also allow showcasing your own authority and building your own brand.

When Blogging Started           

Blogging emerged in the early 2000s when various political blogs were established. On that time the how-to manual began to appear along the blogs and institutes took blogging seriously. They have started defining the terms journalism and blogging and their differences. 

What is the Definition of Blogging?

According to the dictionary, blogging is the set of multiple skills that one needs to have to run and control a blog. You need to be proficient in web page making, understand various tools of web designing, Should be familiar with creative writing, and should know to post, linking, and sharing the content on the internet.

Who is called a Blogger

In general terms, a blogger is a person who does blogging. But according to the dictionary, Bloggers are the individuals who like to share parts of their lives with you, discuss their routine and issues and ask for expert’s opinions. These people post various topics from arts, kitchen, home designs, clothing, carpentry, nature, and finance articles. Bloggers are usually on the go and not need to be in one place. They mostly live on the internet. They run and control a blog website. Bloggers share his or her opinion on different topics for a target audience. Some take it part-time, and some take it as a full job. 

It is Easy to Get Rich – Anybody Can Do It

How to get rich

Everyone has visions to live in economic relief and constancy. Many people, if not all of us, want to get rich; People want to have sufficient balance to buy fabulous homes, beautiful cars, and great holidays and to have entrance to a first-class lifestyle.

It Is Easy

People want to win the lottery and getting rich immediately. There are also some people who trying to succeed as businesspersons. Before you begin, it is important to recognize that becoming rich requires great time and efforts. There are very limited ways to get large amounts of money quickly and they are all based on luck.

You can take many advantages that can help you for how to get rich by some effective or reliable pieces of stuffs. However, the key is to continuously and regularly work hard and hold onto the track of your personal finances.

What Decision Will You Need to Become Rich?

If you want to become rich, you will need attention on making career decisions that will help you to make the maximum money. Searching best ways to grow your income and generate more revenue is key to becoming rich. You should now look for opportunities that may benefit you in your future career.

  • Now ask yourself, are you able to make more money in your field with your credentials?
  • What can you do to make the most of your earning potential?

Investment – Double Your Income by Investing

The main principle behind spending your money is that you end up making double your income by investing. However, it is most important to select your investments very cleverly. You have plenty of places to spend your money, but finding out, which one of them will get you a profit, is difficult.

Real estate is occasionally a good investment, but it is the most expensive. Investing in the stock market is not expensive, but it can be risky and unjustifiable. A 401K is a sensible investment that you must invest in, but it may depend on how well the business you work for is an accomplishment. There are many influences to deliberate when investing, so make sure you think about it wisely. You should talk to specialists or friends who are skilled in investing before building a decision.

Make your Plan and Follow it

There is very little chance of stumbling upon unlimited riches because in your mind this is how to become rich. Although it seems that many of the success stories you were heard based on luck, this is not the reality. It probably includes some opportunity and luck, but most rich people get rich through sophisticated planning and discipline.

It includes things like finances and timelines, as well as a plan for what to do next, on the path to success. It is important not to be discouraged and keep up your work and help with planning without wasting unnecessary time. Thinking how to get rich. Creating and implementing a budget is only part of the process.

Wisely Choose Friends and partners

Make sure you are picking a right investment partner for your industry. Allowing another firm to take part in the strategic direction and future success of your business is never an easy decision. If your firm is like your Childs, as they a lot are, then selecting a right investment partner can be similar to your marriage. You need to know what works for you, and make sure you keep both the longevity and success of your business secure. , Maintain good relations in the long term.

Allow yourself time to become rich

Can you allow yourself to become rich? This may sound strange, but if you find your answer to this question, you will become very close to knowing what it is that can stop you. Practice this question fully by the end and you will be surprised to know what kind of beliefs you have that prevent you from making any money.

If you become rich, can you be rich in every aspect of your life? This begs the question of whether you believe that being rich will in fact remove you from other aspects of your life. For example, some people think that you need to spend your free time or time just doing what you can how to get rich with your family.

So, allow yourself to get answers positively from all the questions you have about getting rich. That way you allow yourself to be rich, and have all the wealth you deserve. Conflicting with popular opinion, receiving money is not a difficult part. The tricky part is giving yourself the possibility to achieve your goals.

Start Small, Dream Big To Get Rich

I have constantly caroled the tributes of dreamers — they move the world onward. Although the financiers should dream big for getting rich, they should also recognize that there is importance in preliminary small.

Being fanatical about your creation and attainment small but imperative aims can help you chance a big dream into a big veracity.

How to become rich? Starting small enables financiers to focus on making the best creation or facility possible and make sure it has long lasting value. Once value has been established, it’s time to think about scrambling up the business.

How to get rich? |Indicate in Dreams

Just because you are rich with your dreams means, you will be envious of those around you. If you become rich through inheritance in your dream, it means that your financial strength is greatly increased; you will be envious of people. If you find that you are rich by chance, it shows that you will be jealous of your relatives because you have partners or good children. Dreaming of a rich man shows that your profession is predictable to be effective. Dreaming that how to become a rich man, and expending currency to help associates, people or promoter and others which means you will have to good luck.

Do you want to get rich by becoming a freelancer? Then do read our article on How to earn money by freelancing in Pakistan.

How to Work From Home Efficiently

Work from home
Work from home

To Work from home is a big challenge especially when you want to do it in efficient way. When you are working in the office, it is much more intrusive, responsive and of course, means less communication. There are so many ways to make yourself work productive from anywhere. Even if you work from home daily, twice a week you will not believe how much work you can do in a day!

With the choice of working from home on a global scale, companies also prescribe to consider the fact that work from home really works. There are many challenges in isolated working because it contains spirits of loneliness, separation, and cut off from your family if they are at home. However, work from home may not seem worthy, but it is to be good in different ways, which we will discuss one by one.

What is Remote Working?

Remote work is an approach that allows the professionals that they can perform their work from outside the office building.Instead of going to the office every day to work from a selected desk, remote employees can carry out their plans and cross their goals from wherever they want.

It is the situation where an employee works primarily from home and contacts the company via email and telephone.

Advantages of working from home

For the employer, there are many benefits to hiring virtual staff members. This will reduce costs, as they do not require space and resources in your office building. Recruiters can choose from a wide pool of applicants, the nationality of the virtual assistant does not matter. Virtual employees can also work from different time zones and give your clients 24-hour human agent access.

As far as employees are concerned, they can benefit from working remotely in several ways. Most amazingly, remote workers report and differentiate themselves through increasing productivity and professional engagement. They can often enjoy a more flexible schedule and are protected from office distractions. They also save in the time to come, which is better for the environment.

How to be Productive in Working Remotely

Any employee who works remotely perform a professional duty without having to perform a physical one in the office. This means working from home or outside the office, maybe working from multiple offices, or from a partner, or maybe with co-workers. Some telecommunication companies operate their work remotely from time to time, some frequently do. Here, we list remote productivity tips to help companies become more efficient and successful.

Tips to Work from Home Remotely

1. Regular Working Hours

When you have decided to work at home, then you should have to enforce yourself to set up your working hours for the sake of efficient work. It encourages you to give yourself full flexibility as to when you should start, take a break, and stop for the day. However, if you do not keep yourself to a minimum level of consistency, you are ruining yourself. Setting yourself regular hours keeps you accountable to yourself and your boss. This gives you the potential for all your work and makes it easier for you to stay in touch.

Here are the most important elements to deliberate when you are set homework schedule:

You should be available when your boss calls you

Communication with colleagues and clients

Productive time

This does not mean you need to work 9-5 each day. You should work during the day when you are more productive. However, it is good to know when your boss really needs you to be at work. For example, you must check your email every morning, or be available by phone in the afternoon. Also, choose the hours of the day when you are most likely to work. Talk to anyone who might need to get in touch with these availability times, and you will be on your way to a rewarding, permanent workday.

2. Separation between working time and Personal time

When you say that you will work, it is important to do it. At the risk of burning yourself out, do not extend your workday more than you plan. Taking personal time out of your work schedule also helps you stay productive while at work, and reduces stress when you are not at work.

In the same way that you have your work hours, schedule and communicate when you are not available for work. For example, if you prefer to spend the evening with your family, make sure you talk that you are not available for work at this time. Then keep yourself on that promise!

3. Plan of your workflow

One guaranteed way to maintain productivity is to be careful about planning your workday. Before you even get started, make sure you know what the day’s priorities are, how long it will take you to get everything done, and if you have extra time. What will you do?

In your plan, consider the following:

  • Perform high priority work first
  • Plan your rewards and breaks throughout the day
  • Productive time to achieve a hard goal

4. Break the day When You Work From Home

If you follow the last step, you plan your own breaks on the first day. Make sure you get up from your desk during these breaks. Get some fresh air, have a healthy breakfast, and talk to another person if possible. All of these activities help you get ready for rehab and dealing with your next chore.

Try to plan how you will spend your time ahead of time, so you are looking forward to something further. Just make sure you decide how long you want to spend, so you do not have to be too busy. Between 10 and 30 minutes, you should take short breaks, and an hour or two is best for lunch.

5. Create office at home

It may be seductive to work from your home, easy chair, or even your bed, but it can greatly harm your productivity. Always try to work from a regular room, desk or chair, to tell your brain that it is time to work, not rest.

You are likely to be more sensible, ready to act, more assured, and more organized. Try setting up a table where you always work. Set yourself up with a comfortable, supportive chair, a spacious desk, and workplace tools. Be sure to personalize your space because you will spend a lot of time there!

6. Room Not Allowed

Effective work from home is about boundaries. It means setting boundaries for children, animals, and your partner or roomies. Try to cheer them to stay away from you while you are working so you can stay focused. You should try to make boundaries friendly and lively, but make sure you switch to them. One fun idea is to make a DO NOT DISTURB sign for your office area that shows you are working.

7. Own janitor

Unlike the office, you have no janitor for cleaning up, which means you have to work on your own. Cleaning your home office helps you stay attentive, planned, and productive. Even if you are someone who is not bothered by a dirty desk, maintaining some discipline ensures that nothing important comes out of the cracks (or gets lost in a pile of paper, as is most likely).

However, this gesture will help you keep your home office neat. Living in a dirty house can encourage you to delay cleaning tasks – which is an immoral update for your productivity.

Set up a weekly cleaning schedule which can help you with your home’s cleaning, so you will not be tempted to work. Make sure you have a regular alert program in your home office!

8. Tune in to inspiration

One of the great benefits of working from home is that you cannot engage your co-workers. Go ahead and play these pump-up jams loudly and proudly, if that is what keeps you going. On the other hand, try a more quiet soundtrack with nature sounds, instrumental music, or even shut windows to prevent the noises coming from outside.

Try some things that work best for you.

How you can Work from Home during Coronavirus

Companies around the world have begun remote work. Whether you are new or experienced, you need to do this to stay productive.

All Worldwide companies over the past few days, have implemented mandatory work from home policies during the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

And it is realistic to imagine that a shift to the ‘home office’ will become a new norm for many of us for a while, with the World Health Organization announcing Wednesday that the Coronavirus, officially has reached the ‘outbreak’ status.

Some employees are not used to this, and they will be working from home for the very first time, which means they are guessing out how to work in a new environment and how to be productive. However, if you keep up good communication with your colleagues, boss and client you will be able to have a productive and efficient day of work from home.