How Much You can Earn from Blogging in Pakistan?

Earn From Blogging in Pakistan
Earn From Blogging in Pakistan

Blogging is amongst the fastest growing professions in the world. In Pakistan, it is an attractive career option for people (especially youngsters and students) as they get to showcase their talent/skills to the world and earn money online. It is such a unique profession that can be started independently and with dedicated efforts you can earn a handsome income within a short period. If you want to earn from blogging in Pakistan, this is your perfect guide to understand what it takes to become a high-earning blogger.

What is Blogging?

Blogging refers to writing about a specific topic of personal or public interest to share your thoughts using any online communication medium. To earn from blogging in Pakistan, remember that blog content shouldn’t be textual only; you need to make your blog attention-grabbing for your visitors, which involves using a variety of audio-visual tools of communication.

Scope of Blogging in Pakistan:

Although blogging has been around since the 90s, right when the internet was launched, in Pakistan, it strengthened its ground after Google launched the AdSense program in 2003. It was created primarily to help website owners make money online by placing Google sponsored Ads and getting paid per click. Within a year every publisher and blogger wanted to create a blog to incorporate AdSense and the true potential of blogging was realized.

Today, the blogosphere has expanded considerably and from affiliate marketing to health care, and home services to technology, you can find hundreds of local blogs on almost every possible niche. Initially, a majority of bloggers in Pakistan were young males between 21-25 years of age but today anyone can start a blog regardless of age or gender. In the past two decades, Pakistan has produced many internationally acclaimed bloggers and for dedicated bloggers, the scope to earn from blogging in Pakistan has broadened tremendously.

How Much You Can Earn from Blogging in Pakistan?

There is no pre-set range for monthly earnings as it depends upon several factors. In Pakistan, the highest-earning blogger is Muhammad Mustafa of who makes $5000 to $10,000 per month while the second-highest earner’s Amir Atta makes $4000 to $8000 a month. So, that’s the most you can earn from blogging in a month as per current statistics.

However, reaching the pinnacle of success in blogging requires you to be a relentlessly vigilant, creative, and persistent blogger. Otherwise, you may not make more than $100 even in a year. Earning through blogging relies mostly on the quality and quantity of content. If your blog has 10,000 words you can start earning a few hundred dollars within the first few months. Your income will increase sufficiently after crossing the 50,000 words mark and after 100,000 words’ benchmark you will be earning well above $500 a month.

How to Monetize Your Blog in Pakistan?

Traffic to your blog will increase sufficiently once you hit the 100,000 words target. Usually bloggers reaching this stage start earning a decent income. However, you can increase your monthly earnings by monetizing your blog. This can be done through affiliate marketing, promotion of in-house services, integrating sponsored content, and advertising.

Two of the most profitable ways to earn from blogging in Pakistan are in-house services and affiliate marketing (AM). AM involves sending your website’s traffic to someone else’s website for buying their products/services. In Pakistan, you can collaborate with affiliate stores of Amazon, Ali Express, ClickBank, and Daraz. Similarly, in-house services can be promoted to increase your income.

Pro Tips to Grow your Audience in Pakistan:

Here are a few tips that can help you grow your audience considerably.

  • Your domain name and blog title must feature the word Pakistan
  • Keep your audience updated about latest events and incidents in Pakistan
  • Never include offensive or disgustful comments in your articles
  • Write about general issues of public interest
  • Build your credentials by creating an attractive About Me page
  • Express your love for the country and your understanding of Pakistani culture and customs through your posts
  • Follow other bloggers and famous Pakistani public figures on Twitter and regularly tweet about your blogs

Final Thoughts

If you want to earn from blogging in Pakistan, do remember that there is no overnight success formula. You have to start from zero and slowly build your reputation that may take a few months to up to a year. The key is to be patient and look for innovative ways to grow your audience and increase traffic. Lastly, watch out for the newest ways to monetize your blog and you will surely become part of the league of highest earning bloggers one day.