List Of Highest Earning Bloggers in the World

highest earning bloggers
highest earning bloggers

The 21st century completely transformed the way we live, from communication to ways of earning, everything has changed. Back in the 90s, blogging was regarded as just a hobby but fast-forwarded to the 2000s, and it became one of the most profitable professions. Bloggers are now as much desired by brands and marketing agencies as are celebrities and sportsmen. Interestingly, almost all the highest earning bloggers in the world started blogging as a part-time activity but soon realized its true potential and made it their full-time occupation.

Check out the inspiring stories of some of the highest-earning bloggers in the world and who knows you might also get featured on a similar list someday.

Arriana Huffington

Blog- Huffington Post

Approximate Earning- $18m/month

No list of highest-earning bloggers will be complete without mentioning Arriana Huffington, the owner of Huffington Post (HP).  She created HP, a lifestyle and political news-based blog, in 2005 and is making a whopping $1 billion annually. HP is regarded as the world’s most successful blog ever, and readers love it, for it offers exclusive and verified stories about real life and real people. A major part of the blog’s earnings comes from banner advertising. Over the years, HP has become a reputable source of news from around the world and attracts around 131.7million visits per month.

Peter Rojas

Blog- Engadget

Approximate Earnings- $5.5m/month

Engadget is Weblogs, Inc. blog network’s largest blog, founded by the co-founder and former weblog editor of Gizmodo, Peter Rojas. It’s as if Rojas has some kind of a Midas touch as whichever blog he creates, it turns into a gold mine. After the astounding success of Gizmodo (that churns out a staggering $325,000/month), Rojas started Engadget in 2004, a multi-lingual tech blog covering gaming, tech, and entertainment niche along with exclusive reviews on consumer-electronics products and tech gear. Around the world, tech buffs turn to Engadget for the latest news on gaming and tech events. The blog’s earnings come from direct ads, and it attracts roughly 51m views per month.

Rand Fishkin- Moz

Blog- Moz

Approximate Earning- $3,740,000/month

Rand Fishkin’s Moz (formerly SEOmoz) has become the most influential blog in the SEO community. The Seattle-based web design entrepreneur started blogging back in 1998. It took Fishkin a while to make businesses realize the need to earn customers rather than buying them. He managed to strike gold by timely identifying the growing importance and relevance of organic searching in the information age. Discovering the transformational role of SEO, Fishkin came up with innovative ways to help people drive traffic across different search engines. Through his informative marketing articles, Fishkin has helped many websites and bloggers increase the performance and visibility of their sites. That’s why today, Moz attracts around 6m visits per month.

Michael Arrington – Techcrunch

Blog- Techcrunch

Approximate Earning- $2.5m/month

Arrington is regarded in the tech fraternity as the “prophet of Silicon Valley.” His blog Techcrunch covers technology and science-related news, profiles of startup companies, reviews on the latest gadgets, and everything related to the tech world. It is regarded as a one-stop destination for tech news as it covers the widest range of topics from the newest apps to mobile phones and startups. Techcrunch has helped Arrington become one of the most influential and highest-earning bloggers in the world by garnering around 28.9m visits monthly.

Brian Clark – CopyBlogger

Blog- CopyBlogger

Approximate Earning- Earning: $1m/month

Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger is dubbed by Venturebeat as the “bible of content marketing.” Clark started it in 2006 with just $2,000 in hand, and currently, he is counted among the world’s highest-earning bloggers. CopyBlogger has been helping businesses stay relevant by creating killer web content instead of settling for bland text just to fill up pages. He believes that content is the backbone of a company’s digital footprints. Clark’s understanding of content marketing is simply matchless, using which he enables companies to drive traffic, attract an audience, and grow business quickly. The blog attracts around 766.7k monthly visits.

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr – Perez Hilton

Blog- Perez Hilton

Approximate Earning- $575,000/month

Mario Armando Lavanderia Jr., aka Perez Hilton, is an American gossip columnist and blogger. He started the controversial gossip blog Perez Hilton and soon became the talk of tinsel town. Mario is literally dreaded by celebrities for making their scandals public. In fact, Fergie stated that the unidentified person she referred to in her song Pedestal (2006) for posting negative remarks about her was Perez Hilton. Because of the unfiltered gossip about celebs that Perez Hilton regularly posts, his blog attracts around 6m monthly visits monthly, making him part of the coveted highest earning bloggers community. Formerly named, the blog’s major source of income is direct investment.

Vitaly Friedman – Smashing Magazine

Blog- Smashing Magazine

Approximate Earning- $215,000/month

Vitaly Friedman is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Smashing Magazine, a world-famous blog covering web design and development niche. Created in 2009, Smashing Magazine offers useful articles on web designing for both budding and established web designers and is regarded as the best among all design blogs. Friedman’s understanding of the niche is so extensive that he is regularly invited to tech conferences and top-flight workshops to inspire others with his achievements and knowledge. The blog attracts 4.1m visitors per month and given the astounding monthly income, no wonder Friedman was bound to be featured on this highest earning bloggers list. A major chunk of the blog’s income comes from advertising banners excluding affiliate revenues.

Pete Cashmore – Mashable

Blog- Mashable

Approximate Earning- $2m/month

Cashmore started Mashable in 2005, and today; it is the most influential site in the world for technology, culture, science, entertainment, and travel-related news. The blog covers an extensive array of topics, from social media to lifestyle and business to culture. Since it has something for everyone, Mashable’s target audience is utterly diverse, which is why it attracts 25.8m visits per month. Most of the blog’s income comes from different types of direct ads. Interestingly, Cashmore got the idea of Mashable when he was 19 and lying on his bed in Scotland. In less than a decade, he was one of the highest-earning bloggers in the world and the youngest millionaire blogger.

John Lee Dumas

Blog- Entrepreneurs on Fire

Approximate Earning- $266,408/month

Dumas’ Entrepreneurs on FIRE is a blog and podcast launched in 2012. It features interviews of business personalities on a daily basis. Most of the blog’s income comes from courses, webinars, and branded publications on how to start and run a business. According to Dumas, he started this blog-cum-podcast to help people Fire Up and stay motivated in their entrepreneurial journey by offering inspirational content and innovative new strategies. The blog has featured interviews of over 21,00 successful entrepreneurs so far.

Timothy Sykes

Blog- Timothy Sykes

Approximate Earning- $150,000/month

Timothy ‘Tim’ Sykes is a penny stock trader who turned to blog and Instagramming and quickly earned a spot on the highest-earning bloggers community. His primary mode of income is pay-per-click advertising, and through his blog, Tim teaches people how to successfully market penny stocks and exchange. Tim is most famous for earning $1.65m in a day through trading at 21-years of age when he was studying at Tulane University. Tim’s Instagram has over 1.2m followers, and he earns over $20m annually from his blog that features articles on finances, stocks, and investments. There is no doubt that he is a self-made millionaire.

So, there you have it, the top ten highest-earning bloggers in the world. We are sure their stories will inspire you to discover your inner passion and get noticed by the world.