10 Proven Ways to Make Money on Twitter

Make money on twitter

There are numerous ways to make money online using social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Twitter presents more opportunities than others to provide a complete platform, where professionals can build their link and present their products and services to a larger audience online. You can create an account with a business name with a profitable niche and can make money on twitter. Another option is to amass a large number of followers in that niche or can share your business account link and interesting content from around the web. 

So how can you make money with Twitter? It is the same way you do on a blog: Sponsored links, selling, advertising, and affiliate marketing. Here are a few tips that can guide you to make money on Twitter. All it takes to some creative thinking and the desire to make money.

1. Sell products and services.

In today’s world, technology is everything to promote a business. People buy things online only if they can see a call-to-action. Use advertisements, promotions, and discounts to spur spending. This can be the most effective strategies is to use to increase your business sales. Basic marketing practices on Twitter can provide success in daily deals. Post amazing discount offers on twitter from time to time but not overwhelm your Twitter feed. 

2. Do Crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is the marketing strategy for years, particularly in case of social media. It is the process of pleading with ideas and contributions from a large group or community. This is a perfect solution in tandem with something like entrepreneurs.

It is an effective way to bring in assistance from your all followers to fund your business or idea. It can make you plenty of money, and you only need to do it perfectly. 

3. Introduce your own Twitter-related service.

As your audience is on Twitter and you know what they’re using in their free time. You can take advantage of this by introducing your own product that they will want.

Such as, Twitter users like to use apps that let them generate popular hashtags automatically. Apps like this exist already, but you can develop and offer a better product that your followers will love you for. You can also get professional services from the Fiverr to build your Twitter presence. 

4. Use Sponsored Tweets

Do you know you can charge new and experienced businesses for your Tweets? If you have a long list of followers and people are really engage with your posts. You can use sponsored tweets and offer other businesses to pay you to Tweet about their products and services for a fee you can charge regularly. 

5. You can hold a Twitter contest

Free prizes are the best idea to engage a large number of people. If you can, try to link up with local businesses that are need of promotion and publicity. You can collaborate with them and offer to hold a contest with Twitter. Then paid a percentage of the sales that come in.

There are a variety of ideas to have fun and ways to make a contest entertaining for followers. As, you can ask them to judges, crowdsource their own ideas and simply ask them to favorite or re-tweet something. 

6. Discover new leads

Twitter is a fantastic search engine tool, and you can seek out potential customers based on their search patterns and what they’re tweeting regularly. 

As if you are selling women accessories, you can find new leads by searching for terms like the latest women fashion accessories. Then you can Tweet to the individuals and let them know of a promotion you’re doing on women accessories. You could even offer those discounts and coupon codes if they’re interested in buying online. 

7. Ad.ly

Ad.ly is similar to My Likes, another ad service that allows you to send out advertisements in your tweets. Here you cannot get paid-per-click, but you can create a profile of your interests. Then the advertisers can choose your account to start a promotional campaign. You agree to them to post a specific number of tweets according to their schedule, and you get paid a lump sum amount.

8. My Likes

One of the famous advertisement platforms is my likes, where you can post your ads with twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and your own blog. You have the chance to choose ads from thousands of advertisers. You can also schedule the time of the advertisement according to the time zone of your followers. Then tweet from your account as scheduled. This platform allows earning up to $0.42 per click, and you will get a payout weekly.

9. Twittad

Twittad claims to be the first sponsored-tweet networks, and it is able to set your own cost-per-click. You make a bid for the advertisers, and they accept it. You identify your niche to match with the advertiser’s products and then once accepted, promote their products on Twitter. When you earn up to $ 30, payment is made via PayPal. 

10. Rev Twt

Another famous Twitter base advertising program is Rev Twt. It is a pay-per-click platform, and when more followers, you have you earn a high amount. Once you get a higher reputation, then you will have higher-paying campaigns. Their payout is made via Paypal when you have up to $20 in earnings in your account. 

Final Words

There are hundreds of other ways to make money from your Twitter account, as selling banner ads on your profile page, selling direct sponsored tweets, setting your own rates, charging to send a personal message to your followers, and charging for access to your private list of followers. These methods can also help you make money through pay-per-click advertising campaigns, that are especially lucrative if you have a large number of followers.