How to monetize facebook group
how to monetize facebook group

To a lot of people, Facebook is just a place to have fun, see posts in groups, and pages do comment, and that’s it. But there is another side of Facebook for many people. That gives people with minds in marketing an opportunity to make money from it. We are going to tell you about how to monetize Facebook group. You can start earning if you are an admin of a Facebook group that has a decent number of members, let us just say more than 5000 members for a start.

How can you monetize it and make money from it? The answer is quite simple. We know that Facebook has no monetization policies for groups, yet you can make a decent amount of money from it. Moreover, all of this is legal by Facebook’s side, and a lot of Facebook group owners are making a decent amount of profits from their Facebook groups. So how can you monetize?

Here are a few ways that you can be used to monetize your group:

E-Commerce: Sell you Products

If you are a company that sells some sort of products, then it is easier to find new customers in your group. You can use your Facebook group as a place to freely market and sell your products online. Facebook now has an option to create e-commerce related groups under the banner of the “Buy and Sell” group. In this group, you can also let other people sell their products and charge commission from their sales. These types of groups are a great place for an advertisement for Shopify store owners in specific.

Paid Promotions: Promotion of Products and Services

You can use your group as a platform for paid promotions. You can charge companies and other people for promoting their products on your page. This is a very popular way of monetizing your Facebook group. Companies and individuals pay you when you do their product or service promotion. It is the same as social media marketing, but in this case, you are using your own group instead of any paid platform. So, when these companies or individuals generate leads from your group, you get paid for promoting or letting them promote in your group. This is the basic way of how to monetize the Facebook group.

Affiliate Marketing: CPA/CPL Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you promote the links of a product from a CPA (Cost Per Action) or CPL (Cost Per Lead) platforms in your group. This is one of the most used and one of the most effective methods. As every group is grown related to a single niche, that means you have a specific type of audience. So, you can choose a specific CPA/CPL product link that matches your group’s niche, and then promote it for free in your group. In this way, you will generate very target specific leads and you will make more money than you ever imagined. Facebook also has some policies over the promotion of an affiliate link, but you can learn different ways how to legitimately apply this method to your group to make more profits from your affiliate link.

Membership Fee: Charge For subscription/Membership

Most of the Facebook groups are free to join but creators and celebrities and many professionals have groups that are not for free to join. Users pay 0.99 to 10.00 dollars for a monthly subscription. This type of monetization can be applied to groups that offer a specific type of service or exclusive content, or something that is not for free. We have seen many mentors and tutors using Facebook groups for the purpose of monetization and they earn a living through these subscriptions. So, if you think you can offer any such service that people will pay for, then create a specific group offer your services and you will be able to earn using these subscriptions. This is one of the hot ways how to monetize Facebook group.

Web Traffic: Drive Traffic to your Website

You can drive your group’s traffic to your website and then you can monetize the content of your website. You can publish the content that your audience might want to read and then publish the link in your group. So, the people will check the post and will visit your website. You can also send the traffic to other people’s websites and then charge them for that traffic. Many people in different groups have been using this way to generate a lot of traffic for their websites and they have been making huge sums of money using this simple technique. As your group has traffic that is related to some niche, this niche driven traffic will prove very important for the growth of the website in the SEO and will help the website build a huge number of social backlinks.


In the article above, we have seen that it is possible to monetize the Facebook group and discussed how to monetize the Facebook groups (Even though Facebook does not have any policies about Facebook group monetization). So, by applying these few methods, you can turn your passion into your dream job. We will suggest that at the start, you should just keep your focus on growing your group to a huge number of people. And then you can follow any of above mentioned tips to make profits.