How to Monetize Your Facebook Page with Instant Articles Facebook

Instant Articles Facebook
Instant Articles Facebook

Do you want to monetize your Facebook page without much ado? Have you tried the trendy new option of Instant Articles Facebook? If you haven’t so far, now is the right time to do so.

Instant Articles are probably the coolest new strategy in the digital ecosystem that guarantee Instant Results and helps you maintain a competitive edge in your respective niche. It is the perfect remedy to ensure unrelenting dominance in an era marked by the smartphone boom without even worrying about recreating content.

 But, what are instant articles Facebook and how can you monetize your Facebook page with them?

The following is a comprehensive guide on Facebook’s very productive instant articles program and how you can use it to monetize your Facebook page.

1.0 What is Instant Articles Facebook?

Facebook Instant Articles is a relatively new feature from Facebook. Released in 2015, it is quite similar to Google’s AMP articles. Instant articles refer to faster loading pages and superior display quality offering an amazing reading experience.

Technically, Instant Articles are HTML documents having super-fast loading speeds (at least 10x faster) than normal articles on the social network. In layman’s terms these are simply mobile-optimized articles that load at an exponentially fast speed.

It is a fact that no matter how well we have optimized our blogs or websites, the excessive time an article takes to load on mobile devices kills all our efforts. But, with instant articles, this won’t be an issue.

Through mobile-optimized instant articles, marketers can tell rich stories in a fully customizable format and benefit from Facebook’s utterly thriving publishing platform by directly publishing it. This means users can read the full article just like they would do on a website without leaving the Facebook app.

1.1 How Instant Articles Help you Monetize Your Facebook Page?

The main reason a majority of marketers, bloggers, and brands turn to Facebook or any online social media platform is to make money from their content. And, what better way to do so than Instant Articles Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social networking platform with the biggest user-base across the world, which makes it the best platform to use for monetizing purposes. You can earn more from your Facebook page through instant articles because not only your users will be able to spend more time on your Facebook page but you can place ads within the articles via Facebook Audience Network.

              1.1.1 What is Facebook Audience Network?

Usually publishers and brands use Facebook to drive traffic to their websites or blogs and monetize the traffic via ad-placement platforms like CPA, Adsense, and/or CPM Networks. However, with Facebook Audience Network (FAN), Facebook has expanded the audience’s scope to display its ads with instant articles.

Through instant articles publishers can optimize articles to be displayed right after a user clicks on them while with FAN, they can sell ads within these articles. This is Facebook’s programmatic ad network that runs across Facebook ads to encourage targeted campaigns. Hence, publishers get to keep 100% of the generated revenue.

For your information, FAN pays publishers an eCPM rate that is determined according to their geographical location and the traffic volume. However, one thing is assured that the rate will be higher than any other CPM network.

To further enhance the user experience, ads displayed within Instant Articles will load faster, which is an added plus. Although currently FAN is in its infancy stage but is quickly growing, and pretty soon it will take over all CPMs.

1.2 What are the Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook developed instant articles primarily to enhance users’ reading experience on mobile devices by directly letting them read on Facebook feed while loading them with super-fast speeds. But, that’s a benefit for the reader…. what’s in it for the publisher?

Instant articles offer publishers a wide range of benefits that ultimately translate into revenues. Let’s have a look at the many different ways instant articles help publishers ensure maximum user retention and revenues.

1.2.1 Superior user experience

Instant articles load your content with blazing fast speed, which allows you to post dynamic content such as videos or images and ensure a more immersive experience for your users. This amazing new format of publishing content allows you to combine text with multimedia content to paint a more vivid picture of your services/products/ideas while guaranteeing your visitors maximum reading convenience.

1.2.2 Extensive Range of Publishing Tools

Apart from encouraging a definite boost in loading speed, FB instant articles come with a suite of very dynamic publishing tools to further enhance the users’ reading experience. Using these specialized tools you can add custom images, layouts, or typographic elements for a variety of publication sections to match the content with the web version.

For instance, you can give a tilt-to-pan effect to your photos, which works wonderfully on single images and even slideshows. However, please note that this t will be most effective on mobile devices having larger screens.

1.2.3 Directly Publish Content from any CMS

Another great advantage of instant articles is that you can directly publish content from your website regardless of which content management system (CMS) you are using. Whether your website runs on WordPress, Drupal, or another CMS, all you have to do is connect the already posted content to Facebook through RSS feed. This way all your posts will appear on your website and Facebook page concurrently as soon as you hit publish.

There’s more! You can update or edit the content in real-time and every change will be reflected in the article automatically. This is where you get an edge with FB in comparison to regular cached pages as far as efficiency and speed are concerned.

1.2.4 Fully Control and Customize Content

A unique aspect of Instant Articles Facebook is that you can control the look and feel of your story in a much better way than before. Moreover, you can customize the content as per your ideas and preferences to match it with your brand.

For instance, any type of non-paragraph text such as photo galleries, videos, and/or blockquotes can be fully customized to emphasize portions where you want the readers to focus more. Since almost all of the elements are controlled directly through Facebook, you must mandatorily create a Facebook page to publish FB instant articles.

1.2.5 Track Browsing Data and Analytics

Every publisher would want to know how much of the content is being consumed, after all, this is the main reason why we create content. With Instant Articles Facebook, it is possible to track readership analytics, page activity, and engagement data. Your page’s feed content is ranked based on the time spent reading the article and the number of users clicking or reading your story.

1.3 How to Create Instant Articles Facebook?

Creating instant articles on Facebook is a very easy process. All you have to do is follow these 6 steps and start earning from your Facebook page.

1.3.1 Step 1: Sign up

You can only benefit from FB instant articles when you have a Facebook page with Editor or Admin rights and you have signed up with the FB Instant Articles program. So, understandably the first step to monetize your Facebook page is to sign up. Visit to join.

1.3.2 Step 2: Select Your Facebook Page

Once you have signed up, you will have to choose which Facebook page of yours you would like to activate for instant articles. This is specifically relevant for individuals having multiple FB pages.

1.3.3. Step 3: Claiming your URL

After selecting the FB page, you need to provide the URL that you will be using for your articles. This URL will be your blog URL and the base URL for all your posts. To provide a URL, you need to claim it. This can be done by adding a meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag and adding the URL to your settings.

1.3.4 Step 4: Creating articles

The best thing about FB Instant Articles is that you can directly publish your content to Facebook from your CMS. This means, there’s no need to recreate content for FB.

But, how can you publish content directly from your CMS?

There are three options available for syncing your post with FB instant articles.

  • RSS feed
  • Third-party Publishing tools
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Instant Articles API Syncing with WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress CMS consider yourself lucky because WordPress plugin for Facebook Instant Articles makes it easier and quicker for you to get started. This plugin will streamline the process of content posting on FB and is most likely the best way to set up and start monetizing your FB page with instant articles. Publishing tools

Facebook has collaborated with several publishing platforms to ensure seamless integration of content with instant articles. Some of the tools that Facebook allows you to integrate your content with include Atavist, Drupal, Medium, RebelMouse, Perk Distributed, ShareThis, Steller, Sovrn, and Tempest. RSS feed

If you don’t use WordPress or any other kind of CMS that Facebook Publishing supports, even then you can connect your content to instant articles program via an RSS feed. It can seamlessly integrate with FB and automatically syndicate every new post on FB instant articles whenever you publish it.

To enable publishing content via RSS feed, you need to configure your CMS to generate a new RSS feed containing the full content of each of your published article in Instant Articles markup. For this, you may need the help of a pro developer to format the feed. Remember that each article must have these three elements:

  • The article’s title- < title >
  • The article’s original URL – < link >
  • The article’s full content in HTML – < content >

After linking your URL to the RSS feed, just notify FB regarding the RSS feed you wish to use to distribute your content as instant articles. Instant Articles API

Through the Instant Articles API, you not only can publish but also update, edit, and delete instant articles directly from your FB page or CMS. Furthermore, you can receive alerts and errors via your CMS as soon as these are detected. This is the best alternative to connecting your content via RSS feed.

1.3.5 Step 5: Customize articles styling

Facebook offers the option of customizing the styling of your content at the setup stage. Such as, you can upload a logo and select your desired font that you want to use throughout your articles. However, currently, font choices are limited to Georgia and Helvetica Neue font groups.

How to find the Style Editor?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Publishing Tools on your FB page
  • Click on Instant Articles
  • Click on Configuration

1.3.6 Step 6: Submit Your Feed for review

If you have completed the first five steps, it is time to submit your feed to Facebook for review. FB will verify all the articles that your website generates and check if these are formatted appropriately. Currently, FB reviews and responds to all submissions it receives within 24 to 48 hours.

However, you need to have a minimum of ten articles ready to be shown on your feed. If you already have a batch of ten articles or more ready for review, click on Submit for Review.  In case FB finds errors in your postings, you will be asked to resubmit after removing them. Once approved, you can start publishing your content on your FB page.

1.4 Final Thoughts

One of the most significant elements that impact the visits, engagement, and conversion rates on your mobile-optimized website is speed, and the metrics eventually impact your revenues.

Have you ever noticed why the pages of big brands load in less than a second? Because they cannot compromise on the speed!

Those who ignore this aspect offer their users slow loading pages, which impact their competitiveness. Hence, optimizing your page appropriately to deliver content quickly is an important consideration if you want to stay relevant in your respective niche.

In this regard, Instant Articles Facebook is an amazing option as it helps bloggers, brands, publishers, and just about anyone who wants to monetize from their Facebook page in loading their content at 10x faster speed than most websites. Moreover, it offers an extensive range of mobile-friendly features to help you ensure that your readers get a rich and interactive experience as they do on other mobile apps. While with the built-in monetization options you can twofold revenues quickly.

In short, FB instant articles offer a hassle-free way to deliver a superior mobile experience to your customers and significantly increase content consumption.