How to Make Money from PUBG Live Stream on Facebook

PUBG live stream
PUBG live stream

Two things you need to know about PUBG live stream is that it isn’t just about inviting people to watch you play and that it is a bona fide system to make money online. For your information, Twitch is among the most commonly used and popular social networks where you can monetize your PUBG live streaming, but Facebook is quickly emerging as the more rewarding platform to do so. The problem with live streaming monetization is that a majority of players are unaware of the immense potential it holds. Don’t worry, we are here to tell you all those tips and tricks that can help you make money through PUBG live streaming.

Can You Make Money From Live Streaming?

Yes, indeed you can!

Do you know that live streaming has evolved into over 13 billion industry globally? A large chunk of this revenue comes from live streaming services such as Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, League of Legends, etc., are raking in incredibly high numbers of streaming hours. As per Streamlabs, a reputable streaming software provider, in 2018 PUBG was live-streamed for over 3 million hours. That’s a pretty exorbitant figure; and mobile game streaming numbers were even higher. So, why not monetize your PUBG Live Stream and make some bucks while playing?

How to Monetize PUBG Live Stream on Facebook?

If you are an ardent gamer and a PUBG enthusiast, you might already be aware of the fact that Facebook has a dedicated gaming video hub called Facebook Gaming nested within the main website and mobile app. It can be accessed via the shortened URL-

So, what does Facebook Gaming do?

Facebook Gaming was developed to aggregate prerecorded and live gaming videos through its social media platform but later on live streaming service was included in it via Facebook Live tool. Now the tool is out of its experimental stage and had expanded extensively. Hence, it has become a thriving platform for PUBG gamers looking to monetize from Facebook.

How to Start?

If you are already familiar with Twitch and how to monetize your live stream through this platform, using Facebook Gaming for the same purpose won’t be an issue for you. Just like Twitch, you can monetize your gameplay stream in different ways. However, the difference is that where Twitch comes with an affiliate scheme comprising of bits, subs, and more, Facebook has introduced a Level Up Program.

To apply for Facebook Live’s Level Up Program, you need to meet pre-set criteria, which includes:

  • You should be above 18-years of age
  • Your Facebook page must have at least 100 Followers
  • You have been active for 14 consecutive days
  • You have streamed content for at least 4 hours in 14 days period
  • You streamed for two consecutive days in those 14 days

If you meet the criteria, visit your Creator Dashboard and quickly apply for the Level Up Program. However, keep in mind that this program is not available worldwide, and you must check out the list of approved regions before getting started.

How to Monetize from PUBG Live Stream on Facebook?

As soon as you join the Level Up Program, you can monetize your PUBG Live Stream. Here’s what you need to know about the Facebook Live tool environment, as it is quite different from other more common live-streaming platforms.

On Facebook Live Stream, there is a system of Facebook Stars, so, for every star you earn, Facebook pays you USD 0.01. To get paid, you must earn at least 100 USD, which you can earn after collecting 10,000 stars. Apart from Stars, your viewers can also send you virtual/animated gifts with varying Star values instead of giving you one star each time. 

Different Ways to Monetize from PUBG Live Stream:

Here are some of the best ways you can make money quickly from Facebook.

Fans Donations and Tips:

A majority of live-streaming websites and platforms let players earn money through live streams by letting their viewers send tips or donations. This is usually done through integrated services or virtual currencies that are used for transactions. Facebook also offers tipping service that involves Stars, which viewers can buy and send you. So, you keep earning a cent per every Star you receive. Moreover, Facebook supports fundraising and charitable donations too, but this service is only open for US residents.

Viewer Payments:

Viewer payments can surely help you earn more than what you might through tips and donations. To make regular money from your PUBG live stream, you can use the Facebook Gaming subscription program. However, you must meet certain criteria to subscribe and become a member of the content creators’ team. Through this program, you will be creating content exclusively for your subscribers and your loyal viewers will help you earn some extra bucks.

Payments via Third-party Platforms

If you want to earn more, it is a good idea to try a variety of sources. Third-party platforms that Facebook supports can be used for processing subscriptions and donations. There are many such sources you can choose to monetize from. One of the best options is Streamlabs. It is ideal for one-time donations, can be integrated fairly easily with Facebook, Twitch, and even YouTube, and supports multiple payment options.

Ads Revenues:

Why not utilize advertisements for funding your PUBG Live stream when ad revenues are already powering almost half of the internet including Facebook? You can easily do that. Just join the Facebook Live tool as it offers mid-roll ads. But, you have to meet its viewership number requirements to qualify for advertising money from Facebook’s mid-roll ads.

What about Facebook Gaming App?

The Gaming App further increases your chances of earning from Facebook via PUBG Live Stream. Facebook Gaming app is designed especially to help avid gamers and streamers explore content, connect with fellow gamers from around the world, and earn a decent income too. You can start streaming directly from the app, interact with other streamers and Facebook groups, comment on streams, and broadcast mobile gameplay conveniently. The more you stream, the higher will be the number of Stars you earn and you will keep earning regularly. However, the app is currently available on Android only so iOS users might have to wait for a while.

Final Thoughts:

The internet is a thriving platform where options for earning are virtually endless. All you need to do is to start your PUBG live stream today on. One word of advice though is to only rely on ethical methods of earning because you may never know how devastating the consequences of straying may be.