How Much Can You Earn from YouTube in Pakistan

Earn from YouTube in Pakistan
Earn from YouTube in Pakistan

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. Not only has it made our lives a little more exciting and fun-filled with its versatile content, but it offers people an excellent opportunity to earn from home. Just like the rest of YouTubers around the world, you too can earn from YouTube in Pakistan simply by uploading videos and attracting traffic to your channel. But, is it all as easy and straightforward as it sounds to be? Let’s find out…..

How do You earn from YouTube in Pakistan?

Do you know that Pakistani YouTubers are earning around $2,500 per month? That’s over 4 lac rupees in Pakistani currency. Imagine yourself earning this much amount every month, you will be making much more than a lot of your colleagues do for sure.

But, how do you get paid on YouTube?

Regardless of your channel’s niche, YouTube pays between $0.3 and $4 per 1000 views on your videos. You start earning soon after your YouTube channel crosses the benchmark of 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours.

Once you achieve this threshold, you will become eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your channel. If you haven’t violated YouTube’s community guidelines, your application will be approved and within two weeks your channel will be verified. As soon as this is done, you start earning in dollars.

How Much Do you Get Paid on YouTube?

Understanding how YouTube determines your earnings is a little trickier than you might have thought. Actually, you don’t get paid on YouTube simply by posting your videos and getting people to watch them, but through including ads in your videos.

Instead, a YouTuber’s earnings are determined according to the Cost Per Impression or CPI rate of the video, which is the rate an advertiser agrees to pay the content creator when an ad is viewed 1000 times. YouTube’s algorithms calculate your pay by evaluating ad impressions, viewers’ ages, country, and other metrics.

A key factor that determines how much you get paid is your viewers’ worth. This means, a viewer from the USA will worth at least ten times more than a Pakistani viewer. So, when at least one thousand viewers from USA watch an ad that’s part of your video, your CPI increases tremendously and if most of the viewers are from Pakistan, the CPI rate will be low. Generally, YouTubers in Pakistan can make $1 to $2 per 1,000 views on their videos.

Factors Influencing your Earnings on YouTube:

Several factors impact how much you earn from YouTube in Pakistan. These include:

Your Niche:

Your niche largely determines your scope of earning on YouTube. Such as, if you have a religious channel, you may only make $0.10 to $0.4 per 1,000 views. That’s quite low. On the other hand, if your channel is related to technology or business niche, YouTube will be paying you at least $1 to $3 per 1,000 views.

Your Traffic:

What’s the source of your traffic on YouTube? If the majority of the traffic is from Google or YouTube search, you have hit the jackpot because YouTube pays more to channels attracting traffic from search engines. Conversely, traffic from social media will not give you good results.

Your Viewers:

The country from where you attract most viewership also plays a central role in determining your earnings. For example, if you get 500,000 views from Pakistan you will be receiving no more than 10,000 rupees. However, you can earn around 35,000 rupees on the same video from just 5,000 views if they come from Australia, America, the Middle East, or Europe because CMP rates are the highest in these regions.

Your Ads:

There are, basically, three types of ads that you can play in your videos- the TrueView or skippable ads, the non-skippable ads, and bumper ads, which are the more tolerable versions of non-skippable ads. Out of these, the skippable ads can yield higher income for your channel in Pakistan.

Your Content:

If you post high quality, attention-grabbing, and innovative content in a widely understood medium of language, you will be a star on YouTube because on this platform content is the king. If your content is not impressive enough, you may not even get to play any ads as your channel won’t be as attractive to the advertisers. Furthermore, try to never get involved in an act of copyright violation as YouTube has strict penalties in place for the wrongdoers.

How to Earn More from YouTube?

Here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you earn more from YouTube.

  • Make videos that people will most likely search for (for instance make a video on Coronavirus pandemic as people will be interested in searching about it).
  • Make interesting and informative videos so that people watch them till the end
  • Create engaging and thought-provoking content so that people are forced to comment and hit Like.
  • Encourage people to subscribe to your channel
  • Name your videos strategically to create interest among viewers
  • Add tags and descriptions properly to ensure your videos get indexed and appear in search results

A Piece of Advice:

Never stop making videos even if you find it difficult to earn from YouTube in Pakistan. Remember, it takes time to build a channel on YouTube especially nowadays when the competition is extremely tough. Keep making videos and try to market your content innovatively across a wide range of platforms.