How To Get Custom URL for YouTube Channel in 2020

Custom URL for YouTube

Did you know this that you can change your YouTube URL and customize it the way you want? Customization of your YouTube URL is the chance to build your brand and get more views on your YouTube channel. It is the most effective way to get your channel verified on YouTube. Now you can get a custom URL for YouTube channel as we have made it easy by explaining the procedure in simple steps.

Following are the simple eight-step to get your YouTube custom URL

You Can Change it Only Once. Choose a URL Wisely

You only have one chance to change your YouTube URL, and it is an excellent chance for your brand to grow because it will give your followers a direct link to remember. Following are the steps that you need to follow to get your custom Youtube URL:

Meet Eligibility Requirements of the YouTube

First, follow the below-given eligibility requirements that you must meet before changing your YouTube custom URL.

  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Be at least 30 days old
  • Have an uploaded photo as a channel icon
  • Have uploaded channel art

If all the requirements mentioned above are met, then you can proceed to change your YouTube URL.

Get Your Custom URL for YouTube Channel

Sign in to Your YouTube Channel

You will get an email from the YouTube support team, or when you sign in to YouTube, you will get a notification in your advanced account settings section or your beta Studio dashboard. The same way as you first time entered your name and related information you can change your YouTube user name, and get a custom URL.

Go to Advanced Settings

After entering into the setting section, go to the advance setting section and click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your home page. A menu will appear. From there, click on Settings about two-thirds of the way down.

Click on the top left corner and select the setting button. And then move to the Advanced Settings button

Advance setting the section will take you to a different page. Then look to the left and the very last option on the menu to the left click on it.

Get a Custom URL Box

Then go to the Get a custom URL box, and you can see URLs and choose from the list of available URLs. You can see their variety of options for custom URLs that YouTube has already approved. YouTube can offer options based on your Youtube name, or according to the name of your linked website. You can add letters or numbers to make it unique. 

Click the box to agree to the Custom URL Terms of Use

After deciding your custom URL click on the below-given button to agree to the Custom URL Terms.

Click on change URL

After you choose your URL, now you can officially change it. So after clicking the box to agree to Custom URL Terms of Use, you will click Change URL. Always remember once you get a new URL and it is approved, it can never be tweaked later. So think twice before you go ahead with your final decision.

Click on Confirm Choice

If you agree with the new URL, and you are sure this is the custom URL for YouTube you want to get then click on the Confirm choice.

So, now you have your customized YouTube URL! If you go to your channel’s page, you can see the personalized version beautifying the top of the browser. This new URL not only can ties your brand nicely together, but also makes it easy for both loyal and new followers to find and remember your page.